Saturday, 4 October 2008

Dear Sisters... is, but 4 weeks till we make our pilgrimage to the Holy land of Shakey. I am preparing myself for this mission by spending many hours online searching and admiring(and perving) over pictures of The Lad and spreading the Good Word of the might of the 10" all over the tinterweb...(and the Rhydian Forum! They love me over there.) I feel I am fully prepared to absorb the might of the 10" and marvel in its glory. And in its tights. (Humana Humana.) I would also like to thank Sister Chastity for her glorious images of 'The Tongue', which have filled me with many impure thoughts which all of my fellow sisters will be very proud of their Novice for having! Thanks, Sisters.

Tennant. x


Sister Shagwell said...

Novice Strumpet

My spirits were lifted when I read your offering. It is good to hear that you have been admiring visions of our beloved, as I myself have been in worship of the white hoody and stubble that our Lord showcased at a recent "coming amongst the great unwashed" in Shakeyland. I was so overcome at the visions provided by Sister C that I had to be reprimanded and remove myself to solitary confinement for fear that the emergency services would be called.

Please continue in your daily worship and honour the good Lord of Time.

Tennant x

Sister Chastity said...

Novice Strumpet you have been indeed been perving hard in the name of the (Time) Lord *praise be his 10"* Let us pray that He "rewards" you in person in 4 weeks time.

The visions that have emerged today from Shakeyland have set this Sister's heart a-pumping and pulse a-racing (not to mention what they did to her bloomers ;P) I am unsure that I will be able to contain myself should the Lord Himself emerge from the Stage Door no matter whether dressed in spotty shirt, white hoody or bin bag!

I go in search of more visions. Praise be the Lord of Time!

Tennant x

sistergoodenuff said...

My spirits also were lifted - it is indeed comforting to know that one has not been perving alone! Please dear sisters, please try to really enjoy your pilgrimage to Shakeyland and I hope that Our Timelord does come among you at the stage door (oh lordy, impure thoughts!)