Sunday, 5 October 2008

Nylon visions....

Today, Sister Chastity shared this rather endearing pic of The Lad sporting a rather flattering pair of nylons. Be still my beating heart. My head is full of inpure thoughts after worshipping in front of this picture for many hours. Praise be to the Lord 10".
Tennant. x


Sister Chastity said...


In a matter of 3 short weeks and 4 days we will be able to worship the sight of our (Time) Lord in nylons and Blue Velvet in person. Our hearts shall be a-fluttering and our bloomers be destroy-ed by such visions.

*Looks at Calendar impatiently* Is it half-term yet?????

Tennant x

Sister Shagwell said...

*Looks at own device for date telling*

No! Grrrrrrrrrr

Sisters, I fear that I shall be bald before the end of this never ending month as I pull at my locks every time a vision is set before mine own eyes. I am also concerned that come the mighty day I may combust with UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) before our beloved.

It was also reported by the good book Sun that a Next Generation Starfleet Captain will be joining our Lord by appearing upon the 40" Altar. Will our (Time) Lord be wandering through the final frontier aboard the Enterprise at some point in Time And Relative Dimension In Space...

Will they all travel through the Gate of Stars one day???? Be assured that the planet is defended by Jean Luc, Jack O'Neill and The Doctor; t
The man of the Stars, The Gatekeeper and the Lord of Time.

Tennant x