Friday, 10 October 2008

Musings on a Friday.....


I have sucumbed to the virus that is prevalent amongst the great unwashed of the west country and think i might be high on Beechams powders so i apologise in advance if this makes no sense at all!!

I have been musing this morning about our (Time) Lord *praise be his name and 10 inch*. It seems that LLL has opened to almost universal critical acclaim. Once again, the massed press - broadsheet and red top - seem surprised that the Lord displays such a natural talent for the stage. I am mystified as to why this should be, but grateful that they have chosen to shower well deserved praise on the Lad. Please note the Captain of the Enterprise has not chosen to appear in TWO shakey plays concurrently! The fact that the Lord can do this says a lot for his stamina (!!!)

I am looking foward with barely concealed excitement and damp bloomers to our imminent pilgrimage to the sanctity of Shakeyland. Each, almost daily, report of our Lord's Stage Door appearances builds my anticipation to fever pitch, only to be increased by the visions of shaggability which accompany these reports. I have now even seen a moving picture image of the Lord amongst his followers, on the dreaded *Youtube* (Holy Jihad be called on said website until Sister Berny can also indulge in such pervitude). His informal banter with the hormonal women behind the barriers fills my heart with joy as i eagerly await my turn to try and persuade the Lord to place his holy lips upon mine for the sake of the Children in Need!

And so, as I snuggle further under the blanket in an effort to keep my burning flesh warm, I am kept hopeful that the Lord will appreciate his *presents* from the Sisters and reward us with his *presence* later in the place where we have chosen to rest our heads. (It takes great effort to pun when you have a headache the size of Vesuvius!)

May the (Time) Lord bless you and keep you.

Tennant x


Acolyte Mia said...


Such lovely images of our (Time) Lord. As I sit on the left side of the pond, I am mere hours away from my flights to London and the Shakeyland beyond and knew I must take one more opportunity to gaze upon the 10" before turning my attention to packing for the journey and selecting the appropriate outfits in which to receive His attention both nights next week.
Will miss my daily dose of the pervy wit and wisdom, not to mention am filled with awe and fear at the adventure driving on the left will present me (roundabouts are particularly concerning). However, the opporunity to spend two evenings in the presence of the (Time) Lord overcomes all obstacles that may be set in my path (such as realizing past Wednesday evening that my passport expired a week ago -- yesterday being the first I've ever been so very pleased with a US government worker for assisting me to fix that snafu!)

May he lift his countenance upon me and us all in our pilgrimages.

Tennant x

sistergoodenuff said...

Poor love, hope you feel better soon! Still lying in bed is a great place to indulge in a little idle perving and calling one's partner "David" in error can be put down to delirium!

Sister Shagwell said...

Sister C

I am saddened to hear that you are, in the Lord's parlance "proper poorly". I pray that the almost daily visions of our beloved receiving the great unwashed are assisting you toward your recovery.

I have sent word to our (Time)Lord. *Praise be upon his name and 10", via the instrument of idle gossip, that he should make haste in the devil's chariot to your abode and administer the SOP rites of illness upon your achcing bones and womanly bits. I have faith that your headache would immediately vanish and that the administration of oral soothing will bring relief.

Until our love arrives to tend to you please keep yourself snuggled up to a vision.

Tennant xx

Sister Burnaholeinmyknickers said...


My heart bleeds for you in your poor sick condition at this time - and my nether regions pound for our Lord 10" after viewing such delectable visions as you have posted.

Im sure you will be on the mend long before our pilgrimage to Shakeyland. I shall pray long and hard for your recovery at the 40" altar whilst also praying for my own recovery after seeing our great Lord in tights!

May the Tennant be with you dearest Sister (and in you!) in your time of need.

Tennant x