Sunday, 19 October 2008

Seven Sunday Sins


I feel that as it is Sunday, we should have a Sermon, and what better topic than the seven deadly sins as applied to the (Time) Lord *praise be his name and 10"*

Naturally, being good and faithful Sisters of Pervitude, we are seeking ways to embrace the 7 into our daily routine of worship at the 40” altar and contemplation of impure thoughts and deeds., so that should an opportunity arise to practice any of these sins in the presence of our Lord Himself, the Sisters will be deemed worthy of His praise and the attention of the 10”.

1. Lust – Well Duh! The picture added to this post inspires lustful thoughts in all the SOP. Ah that the Bastard Face be turned on us when we stand in his presence.

2. Gluttony - Overindulgence on the 10"? Gluttony is most prevalent when worshipping at the 40” altar, Casanova, followed by Blackpool and finished off with Secret Smile.

3. Greed – The SOP are mistresses of this sin. We are willing and prepared to take the 10” any time, any place, any how! Just call us the Martini Girls.

4. Sloth – Sisters, this is the most taxing deadly sins. How can we be uncaring or apathetic about the (Time) Lord? We will need to be punished severely by the 10” for our failure. *Bend over and lift thy skirt*

5. Wrath – I think we have proven our devotion to the Lord by calling Holy Jihad on a regular basis. Organisations and individuals who stand in the way of the Sister’s work will be subject to our unending wrath. Those who criticize the Lord’s work (or call him *skinny*) will be similarly dealt with.

6. Envy - Ah indeed. This goes hand in hand with wrath. The Sisters do covet those who have unlimited access to the 10” and do declare Holy Jihad upon them.

7. Pride – We are proud of our (Time) Lord and all that he achieves: sexiest man, most popular actor, best actor in a drama series, blue peter badge winner! May he continue to be decorated with such honours and may the Sisters continue to bask in His Glory.

Here endeth the Sermon for this holy day.

Tennant x

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Acolyte Mia said...

Sisters, Novice, and fellow Acolytes,

My best friend and I have just come back from the Shakeyland and the thrust stage having worshipped two evenings at the foot of our (Time) Lord. Praise be the 10"!!

During the service of "Hamlet", be sure to prepare thy selves when the red (or any other colored) t-shirt makes an appearance...for when the lad raises his arms above his head, there is no doubt that he is "to be" -- the slight glimpse of tummy was enough to give us the chills. There will also be a moment during the 'party' when, if sitting on the appropriate side of the theatre, your eyes will pop out (as ours did) when he was taunting Ophelia...

The following evening, when He opened his mouth and out poured that lovely home-grown brougue, we caught the vapors and actually missed what He said because we were enjoying hearing that lovely Scottish lilt for the first time in a while. (He did toy with the children (read:teenagers) in the first row a bit too much to our annoyance, but he plays well to the overall crowd too.)

We wish you all a wonderful and happy journey during your pilgrimage to worship the 10" in a few weeks. We leave tomorrow back to the States a bit melancholy for having to leave but with such lovely visions to carry us on till the Christmas special. Praise be!! (Acolyte Mia joined by Acolyte Stephanie).