Thursday, 30 October 2008

And so we bid a fond farewell...


So much to say and so little time to say it.

As we bid a fond adieu to our homes for our pilgrimage to Shakeyland so does our(Time) Lord bid farewell to that most famous and coveted of roles at the BBC. It was indeed in shock and awe and sliding to the floor that I received the most distressing of news last night from out of the mouth of the Lord himself. Oh what a mouth, that pert top lip, that most suckable bottom lip (sorry I'm digressing). The Lord is indeed handing the key of the Tardis to some undeserving lowlife at the end of the specials.

And so, Sisters, it is with heavy heart and plodding step that I pack my vampy see through top, my hip-hugging black trousers and my fuck-me boots for our sojourn in Stratford. I feel in need of a group therapy session around a bottle of voddy in the Dirty Duck. If the Lord could join us, to comfort us each in tun with his 10", so much the better!

After the weeping and a-wailing and self-flagellation following the news of his departure, there is a growing realisation across the T'interweb that the Lord may now be seen in more "adult" roles which can only be watched by those who have a post-watershed bedtime. We will finally be rid of the Child and her little gang of followers who will soon forget the Lord and all his attributes and move back to boy bands and Iggle Piggle.

The Lord will once again be held in esteem in his rightful place on the 40" altar bearing his soul, his chest and, the Universe willing, wielding his 10" rather than a sonic screwdriver!

Bring it on Sisters!

Until tomorrow my friends. Au Revoir. xxx


Acolyte Mia said...

Sister Chastity (and all),

One cannot add to a perfect reverie on such a mixed blessing day. Would that the Child be left behind and he move into the world of real women again.

The acolytes wish you a safe journey and shaggable encounter with the 10" and look forward to all of you spreading the good word upon your return from the thrust stage.

Tennant's bitch said...

Please dear Sisters I beseech you, have the most amazing time in Stratford and make sure you record every detail to report to those of us not fortunate enough to be able to make the pilgrimage ourselves! The thrust stage - what a delicious image that term conjures up!

zaphod said...

I heard one quick mention some months ago that the RSC was thinking of bringing HAMLET to NYC for a short run. I've not heard another whisper. Have any of the good Sisters heard anything?
There's a dynamite DVD preserving forever the Ian McKellan LEAR from RSC.
Does the RSC routinely preserve performances for posterity? I'm thinking they'd be missing the boat (and bazillions of dollars/pounds/euros) by not taping this particular HAMLET.

Acolyte Mia said...


Have heard similar rumors about NYC and am waiting with (panting) held breath for any additional word of the 10" approaching these shores.

RSC has preserved a number of performances (I saw a boxed set of roughly 40 plays when I was in Stratford) and any who've seen this Hamlet would concur -- they could fund the next several years of productions with the sale off DVDs of this one!

Sister Shagwell said...

Sisters, I have returned from the World Wide Wilderness. My time in confinement served me well and I did make the journey to Shakeyland to congregate with the sisterhood and partake in holy worship at the grubby, long necked swimmy thing.

Indeed communion was such that Sister C and myself were so overcome at such joyous celebration with communion wine and voddy that we were incapable of coherent speech for many hours. The residents were treated to a late evening sermon along Waterside.

I am sure that my fellow sisters will fill you in of all the dirty details.

Until January dear sisters, let us perve.

Tennant X

Sister Chastity said...

I will indeed write the sermon about the weekend - though the other sisters may need to fill in any gaps!!!

I am sure that Sister Berny will confirm the details of her unscheduled return to Shakeyland and her Holy Communion with the Lad at the door to the Thrust Stage.

Until Friday when i can blog again.

Tennant Sisters xx