Friday, 23 January 2009

Is our Lord the 10" playing with The Deadender?

New pictures have come to light of Our Lord with a new companion...or as my Sisters and I have come to call her... The Deadender. After the article in the scriptures today made by Time Lord number 5 depicting the Child to be a love sick teenager I'm not surprised Our Lord has run into the arms of another whore..., whore is about right. A modern day Mary Magdalene. From the pictures I have had the unfortunate luck to have seen, and unconfirmed reports from Sky...I have no doubts in my mind that Our Lord and The Deadender are at it like the proverbial rabbit, and I would like to share my dismay and disgust at these developments. The sooner the 10" is brought in for confession and subsequent punishment... the better. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.. but I hope we all unite in our grief. Our day will come, sisters.

Holy Jihad upon The Deadender!

Tennant. x


Sister Chastity said...


The answer to your question is ALMOST CERTAINLY!!!

Sister Toblerone said...

But why sister???? Why must he vex me so???? He needs punishing... and soon.x.

Sister Chastity said...

Ah Sister

Patience is a virtue. The Lord must do as the 10" desires and we know the 10" is happiest in a hole - any hole.

Our time will come. Trust me - I'm a Sister!

In the meantime take your Spatula and go comfort yourself with Peter in Blackpool.