Friday, 23 January 2009

A week is a long time in Tennant Land.....

Sisters, Acolytes and members of the great unwashed.

It has been a long week. The wheels of industry have ground to a halt for the weekend break and the Sisters return to the WWW,(World Wide Weirdness). Many things have happend over these last five days that the Sisters feel should be commented on:

The return to Welsh Wales

The Sisters were glad that our Lord has indeed returned to Cardiff to save the planet and has been seen travelling on public transport.

Road Tax

Our Lord of Time (Praise be upon his name and 10") was out and about in Londoom for the celebration of Radio Times covers. They even gave him a framed cover. The Sisters were light of heart as it appeared our beloved was partayyying alone, which would probably explain the choice of outfit for the evening, (see above). Velety goodness is always welcome - like American Express!

Outside on the streets, assorted gentlemen of her Majesty's gutter press swooped upon our love as he made his escape in the devil's chariot, aka the penismobile, or for those of you who are still dazed and confused, a Toymota Prius. Our Lord, being very safety aware, had put the seatbelt across the heavenly hairy chest - however the paps managed to capture the tax disc, informing the world that ourLord of Time had neglected to pay his car tax for 2009! Tsk Tsk!!! Maybe the wee thing thought that the hybrid, being exempt from congestion charge was also excused road tax. We hope out beloved made a quick dart to the People's Post Office and purchased tax the following day - although the thought of having the penismobile crushed is very appealing!!!! And no, you are not allowed to buy another one.

The Outlaw speaks out...

The Sisters were rather concerned at an article of drivel in the Male of Daily this week. Time Lord number 5 decided that he needed some inches in the press so decided to lift the lid on how marvellous he and his offspring are - and the fact that his child is dating our Lord. Really? Well, who knew????

Tis the usual luvvie article of drivel, but if I was daddy's little princess I'd be a bit pissed off with him telling the press about my private life. And as for our lord... I don't think he'll be too pleased having the "outlaw" speaking about him in his personal life. He even went as far to proclaim that our love thinks of him as his favourite time lord! I think the man has lost the plot as I am almost certain that our love has quoted that Tom of the Baker was his favourite.

The Exes have mentioned him in interviews of past and their relationships didn't last very long after that, so all I can say is THANK YOU, Lord of Time 5, cos you may have done womankind a favour. By the sounds of it the only normal person sitting at the table on a Sunday is our Love. Run for you life, and keep on running as the Sisters do not wish to think that 10 yrs down the line our beloved will be acting as plastic as this family.

May the good graces of the Lord of Time bless you all . Please pray that He will now wake up and smell the coffee.

Tennant x


Sister Toblerone said...

I believe the comments made by Time Lord number 5 will scare Our Lord and hopefully he will see sense... although recent events deem him not to have done. Damn Deadender.


Sister Chastity said...

I agree with the other Sisters, that the Time Lord number 5's comments printed in the sacred book of Mail will be most obnoxious to our Lord's ears.

I feel sure that the Child's mobile has been in receipt of the long awaited text message "Bye. D"

We would rejoice were it not for the fact that the 10" is not renowned for staying inside and playing quietly on its own for very long. I fear that it suffers from ADHD and has an impulse control problem.

I therefore think it highly likely that the Deadender will be the next BBC payroll number on the list.

We await news in the book of Sun that the Child has run crying to daddy and the Deadender is walking like John Wayne.

Tennant x

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Lord number 5 is contemplating to give blessing to our Lord 10 into the family of Moffatt...t'was merely a thought my humble Sisters!

Sister Chastity said...

Lord of Time #5 may well be wanting to embrace our (time)Lord *praise be his name and 10"* into the Moffett household.

However, the Sisters are ever hopeful that the Lad will see sense and disassociate himself from the bunny boilers as soon as possible and run into the arms of a real woman (eg a Sister)


Sister Toblerone said...

It's only a matter of time of my sisters....

Sebrina said...

Dear Sisters
I take it that you don't approve of our Lords choice of car, I have to say I do agree as it is a bit on the bland side. But then when you are the Lord and have possession of the very wayward 10" perhaps a bland car is understandable as a Porsche would really be overkill!!

Anonymous said...

You know, we have a theory here in the States about cars and men. The larger and/or flashier the car, the more a man is having to make up for. So in the case of our Time Lord, his choice of car would show that he is quite a confident and endowed man (something we already know).