Friday, 9 January 2009

The Pilgrimage


The pilgrimage to Londoom went ahead on Tuesday and the Lord did indeed hear our prayers and grace us with an audience at the stage door. However, I am getting ahead of myself and need to start at the very beginning.

On hearing that the Lord was returning to the role of the moody Prince of Denmark on Saturday, gladdened the Sisters hearts. Travel plans were hastily formed and tickets booked on the Virginal train from the frozen North.
Sunday and Monday passed slowly, the excitement building to fever pitch. Finally Tuesday arrived and the Sisters hopped on their various forms of transportation to take them to the Big City. Despite power lines being destroyed, trains cancelled and traversing most of the Midlands, Sister Shagwell landed in London and was met by Sister Chastity, who had been mooching about Oxford Street looking for the devil's chariot or a lad in a Disney Hat.
The afternoon was productively spent perusing the many shops in central london looking for signs of the Lord *praise be his name and 10"* We found evidence of him in Zavvi and Ann Summers but sadly could not find the Lord himself.

After meeting up with two close sisterly friends we wended our way through the garden of the Convent and up to the Novello Theatre. The young Pretender Ed was outside having a fag so we annoyed him for a while. It was satisfying to see him dodge inside and clearly told the Lord that the Sisters had arrived and to make this performance special!!
Sustenance for the performance was provided by the Marquis of Anglesey and then 7.15 was upon us. The lights dimmed, the soldiers appeared and we were off!!!!

The lad walked to front of the stage, champagne in hand, hair brylcreemed down. He looked moody and magnificent. The sound of bloomers being destroyed all around the auditorium could be heard. He spoke.... and i needed to remind myself to breathe!!

The three and a half hours of the play passed in a quick succession of bloomer destroying moments. The Act of the red T shirt which showed ample stomach, tummy button, appendectomy scar and beautiful lower back was over far too quickly. It is the Sisters' vain hope that the Lord will retain that T shirt as a momento and wear it often to proudly show off his assets.

The Magnificent Ten-inch was in attendance almost throughout the entire performance. The Lord was obviously as excited as we were that the Sisters were in the audience. Indeed during the 2nd curtain call, it did appear that the Lord was searching for his faithful followers amongst the great unwashed in the audience. He had little to fear... he would see and hear us within minutes at the Stage Door.

The standing ovation and whooping and hollering over for the final time we legged it to the stage door only to be thwarted to be close to our beloved Lord by the damned ebayers. Holy Jihad to be called down upon those who only scavvy the Lord's signature for profit. So standing behind the ebayers, we endeavoured to attract the Lord's attention. The camera captured his glory... the sidies...the stubble...the sheer wonderousness that is the Lord's visage, before he sped off to destination unknown in a Ford people carrier.

Following our audience with the Lord *praise be his name and Ten-inch*, the Sisters proclaimed to the entire population of unwashed of the West End that *we saw the la-ad, and he was gorgeous* all the way to Square Leicester, picadilly line, district line and finally ending up at Richmond to pick up Sister Chastity's wheels.

The night did not end for another 2 hours, but the journey time was livened up with a stirring rendition of Viva Las Vegas et al from Blackpool!

And now the pilgrimage has been completed and the Sisters are closeted in contemplation of the words and visions bestowed upon them. We will need some time to fully recover from our audience with the Lord... bloomers need replacing and memories need to be more deeply explored and revisited.
We shall return to the Blog refreshed and rejuvenated from our experience and ready to take on all that the Lord will bestow upon us in 2009.

Tennant sisters x


Acolyte Mia said...

Sisters all,

A blessing you had to enjoy again the Lord's presence, red t, and 10".

Beyond bloomer repair and replacement, I would anticipate a general wearing out of spatualas...

angelesque said...


I was overjoyed to read of your audience with the (Time) Lord - Holy Jihad indeed on those eBayers who spurn spiritual gratification for that of a more fiscal nature.

Do you know of any holy place that secretes some sort of icon of the Lord in his Red Tee? I have such fond memories of those two inches of tummy from my numerous pilgrimages to hear the word of Shakey, yet have yet to see a relic showing this most beatific of images.

Please keep up the good work sisters - I need to know all there is to be known about the (Time) Lord *praise be his ten inch*

I trust you are recovered from your most holy of pilgrimages and look forward to seeing you when the Lad confirms his next spiritual mission - I suggest a roel in Hair or the like, which I believe requires ample devotional nudity.

Tennant x