Sunday, 11 January 2009



The Lord of Time *praise be his name and ten-inch* needs the Sisters assistance against a monster of such ugliness and unworthiness as to be an affront to everything the Lord stands for.

Please help the Lord David Tennant achieve his rightful place as *most attractive man of 2008* (and every other time and place) by casting you vote EVERY 10 Minutes at the following link

To the taplops Sisters ... RSI will be your reward!

Tennant xxx


Sarah said...

18:46, Paris time : the Lord is Number One, the monster is number two !!
Hallelujah sisters !!! Keep on voting !!!!!!!!!! :)

Sister Shagwell said...

The Sisters have kept a constant vigil over at Hello and have spent many hours voting for the Lord, for he is, above all, the outright winner of all things gorgeous.

Along with voting the sisters have been busy liberating visions of loveliness from T'interweb to worship in private with the spatula. Very nice they are as well!

At this time of writing, faithful reader, the Lord is at 106651 and leading. The young pup at number 2 should be taken out at dawn and shot!

Keep voting, you lovely people!

Tennant x

Sister Chastity said...

The young vampire seems to be popular in the hours of darkness and has once again stolen the lead from our Lord.

The Vigil continues and The Ten-inch is coming up on the rails, but we cannot rest until 12noon on 21st January.

Keep voting Sisters and Acolyltes!!!!

Tennant x

Sarah said...

*makes strong tea for everyone*

Nights are gonna be long, sisters, but the Light shall win over the Darkness !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters,
T'interweb has brought your crusade to my distant computer. I have done my part for the moment and voted for the (time) Lord. I shall add my votes to your crusade. I am not a fan of the vampire and hope the beloved Ten-inch see's his modesty reward as Most Attractive Man.

Acolyte Mia said...

Sisters all,

We must find another way to proselytize to the would think T'interweb would do, but these times call for stronger measures... I'm thinking something in Times Square might do the trick...