Sunday, 1 February 2009

Day of the Red Nose- new pics have surfaced!

It is truly a great day to be a member of the Sisterhood when I have such wonderous and new sights to bestow upon my fellow pervers. I have come across yet more pics of the Lord our 10" playing around with red balls and striking poses which has left many of us not worthy of the greatness that is The Lad.

Worship, Sisters.



Sister Chastity said...

The Sister is attending to her duties well I see.

The day dedicated to the Nose of Red will certainly be worth waiting for.

Glad the see the Lord *praise be his name and 10"* will be presenting the early evening slot with the Davina woman. It is right that the Lord spends some time with a real Woman instead of always being accompanied by the Child.

Now we just need a plan to infiltate the BBC studio and offer the Lord a substantial donation to charity in exchange for a *personal* audience with him in his dressing room!

Remember the Lord has a Sermon on the charitable works of the Nose Of Red being aired on the BBC on Tuesday e'en.

Prayers infront of the 40" Altar from 10.30pm Sisters.

Tennant xx

Sister Shagwell said...

I am indeed awaiting the sermon from the Lord on the Red of Nose. The 40" altar has been polished in readiness.

Sisters am I correct in hearing that the Lord 10" (praise be his name and 10") will be hosting an alternative to Nose of Red day, known as Nob of Red day? Our love will be hosting this variant wearing said Red face of rubber upon the 10" and nowt else! Please sisters tell me I am not dreaming this?!?!?!?!?

Tennant x

Acolyte Jealousy said...

I have found a new outlet for our devotion and worship. I saw on the site listed for more pictures that the Time Lord will be reading select sonnets of Shakespeare in addition to introducing and concluding the collection of sonnets. This should be available for us on the first of April. I will be counting the days until that voice is in my collection.