Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sister C goes forth to spread the word

Dearly Perverted

Let us pray for the soiled soul of dear Sister C, who will be indoctrinated into the mysterious world known as Local Authority where she will begin her tireless work to reform the workforce using the might of the Lord 10" (praise be upon his name and 10"). It is hoped that Sister C has now cleansed her soul after the weekend celebration being dis-connexted, and that the local hostelry has now re-stocked the cellar. We did hear a whisper that miracles had indeed happend; the Princess of Darkness had stumbled across her "housewifely" gene and tidied up. It was either that or Sister C has a tidy up fairy living in her Tardis!
Meanwhile, across at said LA , plans have been made to receive our Sister, however we have learnt that she is taking some holy visions of our beloved with her to sit upon the desk of power as well as files to be stored upon the taplop should periods of stress present themselves. I am certain that at the end of induction the Lord's name will have been mentioned and clear instruction given that any form of "dissing" will be punishable by pain of death or being made to ride in the devil's chariot.
All in all, faithful reader, this is a good move for LA . The holy word of our Lord 10" (praise be upon his name and 10") can be preached to more of the great unwashed. This will be made easier as our beloved has taken to wearing red rubber balls upon his nose. We can only be thankful that this accessory is temporary due to the worthwhile charitable cause that he so rightly endorses. The sisters will also be donning their own red noses during the week of giving that coincides with said worthy cause. We are concerned that our love does not leave the child alone with said red object for fear that she may try to eat it thinking it is a smartie. Then again...
As a reward for joining the ranks of hell, aka LA Officers, I hereby award Sister C a big threatening red nose!

Tennant x


Sister Chastity said...

Sister S

I thank you for your kind words upon this, the Eve of my joining the ranks of the Daily Mail penpushers.

I have my bags packed and I'm ready to go. I have visions of the Lord to sustain me and his voice upon my Ipod for the extended journey to my new place of work and worship.

I also thank the Sisters and the Lord *praise be his name and 10"* for the gift of blooms and choccies which arrived just as I was being dis-connected on Friday. My previous work colleagues were most generous in their celbration of my departure - 3 bottles of the wine of red vintage, 3 bouquets of bloomerage and £70 of vouchers to spend in a local place of beauty and health!

My arrival has been anticipated in the LA-LA-land for some months now. However, i fear that those expectations may be somewhat dashed when I arrive with the Lad in tow. I am ready to start the coversions tomorrow at 9am!

I will give you chapter and verse about my first day tomorrow night.

Tennant x

Anonymous said...

As an anonymous,closeted
follower of the Lord and the Ten-inch, I was curious as to know the Lord's next role as the all-seeing actor. I heard somewhere that he was appearing to the huddled masses in a movie called 1939. Be this true?!? Where be my spatula?