Saturday, 7 February 2009

I'm spreading the word...

As a proud Sister of Pervitude I would like the Sisterhood to know I am now on Twitter...where my followers are increasing by the day. I feature this blog and promise to spread the good word of the Lad.... praise be to the 10". Please follow me too Sisters and everyone else- my alias is Liza Carlisle.

Thanks, Sisters.



Sister Chastity said...

Indeed Sister T, Sister Berny and I are already on the small birdy noisy thing.

I am there to follow Wossy and the Wonderful Sir Stephen Fry.

I must admit to finding the whole Twittering thing a little peculiar but anywhere where we can spread the word of the Lord must be explored and exploited by the Sisterhood.

Keep Perving

Tennant x

Novice Lithium of the Order of St Judes said...

All hail the mighty Sisterhood and praise be the Tench-Inch!! I too am on that noisy Twittery thing (oh the bells!!)under ProudLoony.

Keep Perving
Lith :)