Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Temptation of the Ten-Inch

Dear Sisters, Acolytes and all followers in pervitude

Carole has sent the Sisters the following picture which appeared some while ago now when the Time Lord *praise be his name and 10"* took to the beach. We will gloss over the 'who' accompanied Him and concentrate soley on the vision which beheld the other sun-worshippers that glorious day.

We can see that the Lord is relaxed as he is comfortable in his unshaven state - giving Sister Shagwell the shivers with his stubble. His hair does not appear to have seen a comb yet this morn and he bestows upon his perving public a glimpse of what his bedhead must look like first thing in the morn.

We see his chest has a manly covering of fur (but not too much as to make him gorrilla-like) for us to entwine our fingers in when cuddling up to. And of course, how could a study of the body of the Lord not include that appendectomy scar from when the men with scalpels dared cut into our Lord and remove a sacred piece of flesh.

The short cloth of blue doth hide the most favoured part of the Lord - the most reverent ten-inch - from our eyes. This is a necessary precaution for those non-believers of a nervous disposition and the kiddies who may be shocked by the revelation inside those shorts. Just a tug on the string would probably do the trick!

(For those of us Sisters and Acolytes made of stronger stuff, Sister Berny posted the 10" unclothed pic a few weeks ago! - The Lord bless her and keep her)

And so this Pancake Tuesday is designated Temptation Day. I have already shared a virtual pancake or two with Sister S... she took hers with hot choc sauce, ice cream and hot naked Lord. I can think of nothing better!

Enjoy your pancakes Sisters.... but enjoy the Lord more.

Tennant x


Delicate One said...

No pancakes for me, I'm afraid, but as usual the lovely one looks good enough to eat. With or without chocolate sauce and whipped cream...

Sarah said...

Ô Holy Vision !!! He looks a bit like a moody bear emerging from hibernation, doesn't he ?? :) And still, he' the sexiest bear on earth !!! Don't you just want to ruffle His hair and apply SPF 60 on this sexy little tummy ?? Well, chocolate sauce and whipped cream could be a good idea too !!
Anyway, i sincerely wish that every woman on this planet could wake up in the morning next to a man like that !! That would make the world a better place, i'm sure !! :)

Sister Toblerone said...

I had bananas on my pancakes... just as The Lord our 10" instructed.

Acolyte Jealousy said...

Oh Holy Vision indeed. :) It is my goal this year to gradually mold my husband into a figure more like our Time Lord. As soon as the weather warms and the daylight lingers longer, I plan on getting him out for a little slimming down. ;) They ARE the same height and build...

I am not sure I would ruffle the Lad's hair. I guess I'm not the ruffling type. His stretched pose DOES make me want to curl up next to him (pre or post 'blessing of 10"') in hopes that one arm will wrap around my shoulders to hold me close.

Thank you for the audio book recommendation on Youtube. After additional searches I found 2 other audio books (all 3 are abridged) also read by our Time Lord. I spent quite a happy time listening while I worked today. I shall bring my headphones back on Monday for a repeat with the other books (Doctor Who The Feast of the Drowned and Doctor Who The Stone Rose).

Guess who is super excited that the Lad is reading Shakespeare sonnets on a special release this April? ME! I hope to get it in my own personal Easter basket. See his site (referenced on our site) for additional details. :)