Monday, 9 February 2009

A warm welcome from the Silent Sister

Greetings Acolytes and fellow Sisters!

May I extend warmest wishes from the Altar of the 10"! I have been negligent in my blogging in recent times as I am still recovering from meeting and speaking to our Great Lord 10" back in November. I seem to have spent many days since in dutiful contemplation of this great vision, which generally results in my needing to spend more time in confession for my sinful thoughts ( and usually ends with a spatula being required). It is heartening indeed to find so many fellow worshippers falling at the feet of our Lord (and probably doing pervy things to them!).

I hope to post further musings (and admissions regarding what goes on behind the altar when noone is looking!) in due course. I have included the picture of our Lord 10" in all his glory in particular for Acolyte Jealousy as I gather, she too is quite fond of gazing at the Lord in the altogether (an acolyte after my own heart!). Let us pray that he grants us newer (and closer up) visions such as this in the future.

Praise be the 10"


Sister Shagwell said...


How wonderful to see that you have been released from confinement once more. Sister C and myself did wonder if you had blunted your spatula again? We are concerned at the punishment it receives when you are contemplating nakedness. Sister C had a recent bout of RSI, but she can now type with one hand.

As you will be aware we have swelled the ranks as more lovely acolytes have seen the light and the 10". I am sure that they shall go forth and preach the word of Pervitude to the great unwashed, and declare unholy jihad upon the heads of those who dare disrespect the Lord 10" (Praise be upon his name and 10").

Can I also thank you for the lifesize image of our beloved that you sent to me. I have since spent many hours of devotion in front of His likeness, and indeed, upon my return from a place of drunken debauchery this last weekend, said vision was laying upon my bed of pain - oh if only!!!!

Tennant x

Acolyte Jealousy said...

Oh Sister Berny,
Thank you for the lovely vision of the Lad. Imagine my suprise when I checked the Holy Site today and had my bloomers immediately destroyed. :) If things were different in my life and I was free to pursue The 10" then I would make sure you were there to help me tend to the needs of our (Time) Lord. May He take naughty pictures and make them available for the masses.