Monday, 9 February 2009

Today I have been disciplined...

Today, at my place of work, I was told it was frowned upon to have a pic of the Lord our 10" on my locker as it is deemed inappropiate and unnecessary by the manager of our district. Am I not allowed to share my religious views with the world? Should I be held in the minority because I worship a man who can make even the sturdiest woman's bloomers explode? I of course took the poster down, only to replace it as soon as the ignorant manager had left. No-one is going to tell me what I can and can't do where the Lad is concerned! I take my vows to the Sisterhood very seriously and whereas my manager of shop Iain of Habberley says I really should do my perving in private, I for one want to share it with the world... as The Lord our 10" once said; 'we are loonies and we are proud! I had to share my plight with my fellow Sisters. I include in this post the offending picture.

Tennant. x


Carole said...

I too has something similar happen to me...albeit a sticker.My place of work had upon delivered new lockers,every one the to identify mine,i placed the token image(sticker)of 'our Lord 10"' garbed in his long coat...upon hearing of an impending 'big boss' visit,i returned to my locker during my repast to find it stripped of the Lad!..needless to say,it was quickly replaced with another...only smaller...which still remains to this day1

Sister Shagwell said...

How very dare they!!!!

Sacred visions of our Lord, (Praise be upon his name and 10")should not be removed from a place where a Sister or Acolyte undertakes the daily/hourly contemplation of perving! Does this member of the great unwashed not know that this is your calling to the Sisterhood???

All I can say is that area bod obviously never got his jollies over the weekend!

Let us pray that this wretched soul catches a very bad case of herpes upon his 2 and a quarter inch.

Tennant x

Delicate One said...

If I may share - I have also had to suffer the removal of images from my workspace. A new rule was sent out to the masses that no personal items would be allowed at a desk. However, this has happily now been relaxed and I can again gaze upon his wonderous face (and other bits) whilst suffering for 8 hours a day to keep body and soul together. A new worker has spied my shrine and now seems to believe he is my lifemate as she calls me 'Mrs Tennant'. If only this were true, however it pleases her to call me by that name, so I shall not correct her.