Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Warm Welcome to the Sisterhood

To all Acolytes
I have noticed that we have had a number of new Acolytes join in the last few weeks, so I thought it about time that we held another induction/initiation ceremony to formally welcome you into the Sisterhood.

Firstly some formal introductions:
Sister Shagwell and Sister Chastity: The Sisters of the Inner Sanctum. We live to serve the (Time) Lord *praise be his name and 10"* and cater to his every need.

Sister S's special concern is Stubble (as witnessed by the top picture) whilst Sister Chastity specialises in Stripes (because stripes are the new spots)!

Sister Berny: Our oirish Sister has recently taken a vow of silence to further her meditative state. She is the purveyor of Sisterhood Spatulas and frequently needs to use them to prise herself off the floor. The Sister has a preference for the 10" to be unclothed on stage.

Sister Toblerone (nee Novice Strumpet): Sister T is the newest Sister into the Holy Order having constantly nagged the three older Sisters to let her join the ranks. Sister T is still in her probationary period and is being watched carefully for any breaking of her vows and signs of her past allegiance to bands of male youth such as the 'Loife Boys. Sister T often has difficulty making decisions and requires the guidance of the other Sisters to choose between Blackpool, Secret Smile or Doctor Who.

And so from Induction to Initiation: As Acolytes, there are some Holy orders that you need to be aware of:

1) Perving the Lord 10" for a minimum of an hour each day is a requirement to maintain your acolyte status!

Actually.... Perving the Lord 10" is pretty much the Holiest of Orders around here!!!

Also please note that at present we have no openings for Novices. The post of novice is being help open in case Sister Toblerlone does not pass her probation and gets de-frocked back to the lower rank in the future!

Finally then, we extend a warm welcome to all current and future Acolytes and may the Lord *praise be his name and 10"* bless you and keep you and may he bestow is wondrous gifts upon each and every one of us.

Tennant x


Acolyte Mia said...

Fellow Acolytes,

Those of us who've been round awhile also bid you good welcome to our cherished circle of devoted followers/pervers of the (Time) Lord *praise his name and 10"*. As we all aspire to future novice status, we humbly continue our support of Sister Toblerone so that she won't be moved down by anyone other than the Lad.

Acolyte Jealousy said...

Dearest Sisters and Acolytes,
I am thrilled to be a part of this holy order. Sister Berny, I too share your desire to see more of the (Time) Lord unclothed. The final episode of the Lad as the Doctor came across the pond on Saturday and I had a difficult time convincing my husband that my "oh my" was for the excitement of the show instead of what it really was (YAY naked regeneration). I have done a good job so far of keeping up with my devotions. :)
*hugs to you all*