Friday, 20 March 2009

Clothing designed with the Sisters in mind


It has come to my attention via the auntie BEEBs news on the wireless this fair morn that a clever man in Japan is producing a range of underwear designed specifically for occasions when the Sisters have an audience with the 10" at the 40" altar or in person.

Said knickers are designed to be odour - free, absorb water (and other bodily fluids), insulate the body and dry quickly. They also are flame-resistant and anti-static. We certainly needed them at Stratford!!

We will add this accoutrement into our habits as soon as they become available in the Uk - presumably M&S will be selling them as this is the usual outlet for the Sisters undercrackers.

I am returning to perving now... Will see you all on Monday!

Tennant x

1 comment:

Sister Shagwell said...

Sister, I was glad to read your news as this will indeed stop many hours of shopping for new bloomers. However, are you sure it is the holy M&S that will be be stocking them? I was sure that it was Tennantlady who would secure the contract.

Tennant x