Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Happy St Patricks Day to our Oirish Sister

Sisters and Acolytes

Sister Berny is currently in solitary confinement comtemplating the sinful thoughts that she entertained for the Lord's Arse during Comic Relief last Friday night. The unhelpful souls at PC world are unwilling or unable to furnish her with suitable equipment to return to the land of pervedom for at least 2 weeks.

Our thoughts and messages of condolence have been imparted via the weapon of mass communication and we have wished her well and many guinesses on this special day. If I were a wizz on Photoshop I would have posted her fav pic with only a shamrock covering the Lord's accoutrements. However, I am not a techie and therefore this pic will have to do!

The Lord speed the wire across the water to your home, Sister

Tennant x

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