Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Holy Day of St David has been celebrated

Good Evening Acolytes

The Sisters have returned from celebrating the Holy day of St David of the Gorgeousness. We spent many hours contemplating the wise words our Lord,(praise be upon his name and 10") who read the sermon from the book of Shakespeare. Sister C has posted the link for you to hear in an earlier post. A new vision had also been found of our love when he was just a wee lad, who is suited and booted. Indeed this was a vision of gorgeousness and obviously before his wanderings to the opposite sex were below the age of 25 months. (see above)

We also broke sacred chocolate and drank wine and imagined that this was done over our Lord's torso. At this point bloomers spontaneously combusted and spatula's were required to remove the Sisters from the floor.

Word of our beloved is that he is safely back in Welsh Wales and wearing thermal covering while he walks amongst the great unwashed filming more adventures with yet another assistant. At least this one is of a more mature age.

For those who have not celebrated this day - shame on you! Now go to a dark room and repent your bad ways by watching 3 Blackpools and 7 Casanova's.

Tennant x


Carole said...

Apparently,our Lord 10" has been seen with the Child in Cardiff.
Will he ever learn?

Sarah said...

Naah, the real question is : Will the Child ever learn ?? She should be at home, doing her homework, not lurking in Cardiff !!!
Tssk tsssk !!
By the way,I wonder if Doctor #5 is now officially in charge of the Child's child education ???

Sister Chastity said...

Ah the feast of the day of that most revered of saints, David himself, was indeed a day of celebration in the Sisterhood retreat. The festivities continued into the wee small hours, however some of our younger members had to leave early on account of it being a school night. They have been given suitable homework to complete by the end of the week, including:
English - listening to Sonnet No2 until they have learnt the words by heart;
Geography - Counting the number of countries visited by Giacamo Casanova and the mating customs of each one;
PSHCE - an indepth study of the ethics of DI Carlise in securing a conviction for murder
Science - An explanation of the influence of the sun on the planetary orbit of Mercury as expounded by Arthur Eddington
Maths - the combined age of all the ex-girlfriends of the (Time) Lord *praise be his name and ten-inch*

The Sisters will assess and grade this homework sometime before the Easter break.

I can't say I am surprised that the Child has been sighted in Wales. Indeed Sister S and I were discussing the need for the 10" to be serviced this weekend and the rush there must have been of the Devil's Chariot down the M4. It seems that in fact the *service* came to the 10" and at the end of a gruelling night shoot, the Lord could relax and have all his needs attended to in the comfort of his flat in Cardiff. *jealous* Moi? Of course not (MUCH)!

Halessa said...

Dear sisters, I just wanted to tell you about rumors about filming the Lord 1o" in the Bards greatest work. It is not confirmed yet, but read for yourself:

Carole said...

I can just imagine the Child's thinking while driving on the M4 in the Devils' Chariot...

Sarah said...

Oh Thank you Halessa !! These are indeed very good news !!! Endless hours of contemplation to come if it's confirmed !!! :)
*crosses fingers, toes, hair...*

Sister Shagwell said...


I think it was rather mean of the Lord to remove the child's toy.

Indeed she will have been chanting for Nookie the Bear the length of the M4. The question is what had the petulant child done to deserve such a punishment as to the removal of her teddy bear????

Some have suggested that she had crayoned along the newly decorated walls of the Lord's dwelling. Bad girl. Tsk.


The Sisters had been alerted to this very good news and we shall continue to pray that the bods in high places will grant the great unwashed to behold the most intense bloomer destroying event, next to an audience with the 10", sometime before the end of this good year.

Now away to the 40" altar and pray hard.