Thursday, 5 March 2009

My Homage to Our Lord


When I first heard this song, visions of our Time Lord *praise be his name and ten-inch* swam into my mind and I was inspired as if by a muse, to compile this video in his honour.

His Sex is indeed on fire... though sadly not firing in our direction as of yet.

This day we have had snow in the deep South West and I am confined to the prayer house rather than being able to preach to the great unwashed in Poole lala land. I fear it is a sacrifice I am more than willing to make and i will dedicate this afternoon to silent contemplation in front of the 40" altar with my dvdvd collection. T'is a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

Until next time

Tennant x


Anonymous said...

OMFG! I have GOT to stop checking this page at work. I just about passed out. Not to mention I couldn't fully enjoy because I was looking over my shoulder half the time to make sure I wasn't caught. :) Where do you find most of this wonderful footage? Thank you Sister for today's worshipful vision.
*hugs* Jealousy

Sister Shagwell said...

Sister, you have surpassed yourself in digital worship of the Lord and his 10". It was truly inspired and bloomer destroying. Such a sight has come as welcome relief after a hard day of conferencing - or was that hiding in the ladies room.

Should the Lord (praise be upon his name and 10") ever venture onto world wide weirdness and spy himself "administering" to his flock he will surely be flushed with your devotion to his ministry!

I shall now resume worship.
Tennant x

Sister Toblerone said...

Sister, I bow before you and your infinite wisdom. An excellent way of carrying out worship- I thank you.

Delicate One said...

Your time was used most wisely and I thank you for it. Truly something to ponder and draw much inspiration from.

Sebrina said...

Phew and it started so innocently as well with a simple bike ride! 'Thank you and goodnight' you say - well after that bloomer stimulation I am not sure that I will sleep for some time, my bloomers feel like they have been in the shower.
In my life I have wished for many things - for example to eat chocolate and stay thin - but never have I wished so hard that I was someone else. I am so jealous of Sarah Parrish - so I think instead of going to bed I will sit and repent my evilness by watching Blackpool at least once.
Anyway despite my need for repentance I heartily thank you for these visions - after the day I have had with the jerk from hell boss I really needed cheering up.
Thank you