Friday, 13 March 2009

Holy Jihad upon the Big Sister...

Tonight, Sisters, an upsetting sight was played out before my-and your- very eyes. Our Lord the 10" (looking glorious by the way) was pounced upon by the Big Sister, Davina McCallmeaslag. This may have all happened in the name of charidee but I still believe Holy Jihad should be called upon her sorry head. I am horribly vexed. Our Lord was misguided and should be brought before us for his punishment. In the attire he was wearing on the night of the red nose, preferably. With Davina McCallmeaslags head on a stick.

More sights to behold at 10pm on BBC 2 Sisters, till then...

Tennant. x


Carole said...

What a 'wet bloomerin' sight he was!I belive many a woman would have been wanting on the receiving end of THAT's hoping the Child was tucked up in bed...but NOT his!

Sister Chastity said...

Indeed Sister I share your pain. However, i think we need to show some understanding towards Big Sister Devilina.. if any of us would have had to stand next to the vision of loveliness that was the Lord in all his glory in a white suit for an hour then i think we would have been overcome with the need to snog him aswell!

It was quite sweet when he was waiting for mastermind that he said to her that he was *terrified* Bless him, frightened by the nasty man from Radio 4.

Apparantly Sister S was rewarded for her loyalty last night by visions of the Lord a little the worse for champers towards the end of the show... am off to Youtube to have a little rummage. Will post loveliness in motion laters.

Tennant Sisters x

Anonymous said...

Yes Sister, please hurry. I hope Youtube has such visions for those of us unable to see our Time Lord last night.

Carole said...

Alas dear Sisters,the Child was present and witnessed the 'frivolity' the Lad had to offer to us mere mortals...i fear our Lord 10"(praise to his name),is not going giving her up anytime soon!

Sister Chastity said...


The Child being in the green room clearly did not dampen the Lord's ardour at all last night and he had a rollicking time on stage and at TOTP without holding on to her little pinkie.

I assume that she must have been in the BBC creche with the other celebs children.

Sisters and Acolytes we must never give up hope that the Lord will eventually tire of his immature playmate and seek solace in the arms of a Woman of Substance such as the Sisters and their followers.

Now to blog some loveliness to warm the cock-les of our hearts.

Adieu x

Sister Shagwell said...

Do my eyes read correct that the child was present at the celebrations of the Nose of Red? Upon this discovery I was most annoyed but then I recall the distant days when Soppy used to follow our Love around like a puppy and look what happend to her...Stop your giggling as she was most distraught at the time. (MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

I am suprised at our Lord (Priase be upon his name and 10") that he decided to subject the child to such visions of filth as he jumped upon the bones of a WOMAN and not a CHILD!

Pray Sisters and Acolytes that our Lord will soon see the light.

Tennant X

Sarah said...

Maybe we should'nt call Holy Jihad on Devilina right now, for she might very well have been the waking call for our Lord... Maybe after snogging a real woman, the Lord will finally remember what he's been missing !!

Mind you, Jennifer Aniston would do too... thinking about it, i think this snog might have been a cunning way to steal the Devilina's cell phone and get her number !! :)

Sister Chastity said...


You speak words of great wisdom. We may indeed have maligned Big Sis Devilina too soon. Time and the Holy Book of Sun will tell us over the coming weeks whether indeed one snog with a real woman will have stirred the Lord's 10" to seek out more appropriate company than a mere Child.

Our daily prayers will continue to contain such thoughts until the time that we can raise our voices in praise of his faculties returning and his choosing a new companion from amongst the ranks of the SOP!