Saturday, 14 March 2009

Lord of the Red Nose


I know that there are many and varied things to be said about our Lord of the Red Nose on the 40" altar last night, but if I may make a number of observations:

1. The Suit

OMG! the white pinstripe suit was GENIUS!. Gok Wan could have done no better. I think they must have sewn him into it because it fitted so tightly and beautifully. (*another pair of bloomers just self combusted thinking about it*)
2 or b). The Arse

The arse was used to perfection during the show. Is it normal to feel the urge to bite it! I must away to confession when I have posted this to watch 2 Blackpools and a Secret Smile to atone for my sinful thoughts.

3 or c). The Swot

Now I am not one to boast, but along with the Lord, I also scored highly in the Mastermind contest. I always knew there was more between us than simply lust. Step aside ladies, I will astonish the Lord into submission by the brilliance of my wit and repartee!

4 or d) or iv) The SNOG

We have mentioned this is the blog earlier, and I feel sure that on her return from spreading the word of our Lord around the local Hostelries in Scouseland that Sister S will have something to say on the matter of Devilina snogging the Lord in public. All I can say is Fucking Hell Lord you are one cheap snog! £50 is that all! We were willing to give you £100 in Stratford for a snog and we donated £100 to CR and all we asked for was a quick *hello*. BUT NO!!!! Snog Devilina for £50, but turn down £100 from the Sisters - SHAME ON YOU! You need punishing for this serious lack of judgement - we will be coming up to extract our pound of flesh on for your Birthday so watch out!

In Conclusion then... Comic Relief = a wonderful night had by all, perving the lad AND raising money to help the less fortunate access the Lord's words... all in all a very good night!

Till 2011 - Tennant x


Sister Toblerone said...

It certainly was a wonderful night and one we will relive for many a late night to come. *arse* Sorry, I seem to be a little bit affected by The Arse Cap (it deserves capital letters.) How can our Lord get even sexier everytime we see him?? I may be a little inebriated as I right this *arse* but I have to say The Lord our 10" done good.
Yay for the arse.

Anonymous said...

Wow. If I had permission from my lord husband I would have spent at least $1000 to snog our Time Lord.

Delicate One said...

I was lucky enough to witness the white suit and all its' glories in real life action during the wonderful night. He spent much time, showing off a rather nice back view, and during the breaks, when the films were being shown, he would turn to watch them on the screen, with his lovely hands in his lovely pockets. I'm sure you can imagine the sight that we saw - I'm afraid I did utter 'look at the arse on that boy' several times under my breath.

He also did have a habit at times off camera of sticking his hand in his pocket, but moving his fingers whilst in said pocket... This happened a couple of times and I shall leave to your imagination my reaction.

And no - you are certainly not alone in the urge to bite the boys glorious rear bumper - it's just something you have to do.