Monday, 9 March 2009

The Sisters cometh of age

Sisters, Acolytes and sundry perves who stumbled here by accident,

I am writing this week with great news of joy and wonderment. The Sisters of Pervitude blog officially comes of age this month.

The blog was born late on that fateful drunken night of the 18 March 2008 after a difficult labour with many exchanges of *should I?*; *go for it*; *i might get arrested*; *who cares*; *OMG you really did it!*.

Our first ten-nan-tative steps were a little hesitant, but the tone was set and pretty quickly it became apparant that the blog would be a haven of filth, lewdity, double entendre, and downright dirtiness all in the name of our (time) Lord, David Tennant, *praise be his name and 10"*

Since we took those first steps we have continued in our ceaseless quest to bring the words and sights of our Lord to the great unwashed of the T'interweb. We have relentless pursued our Vision of a world full of peace and love where every wall is covered in pictures of our Lord at his labours; and every moment is filled with the sound of a soft lilting scottish voice speaking the words of the Bard, or recounting the adventures of a small ginger viking boy called Hiccup.

Our Mission has been successful and is now being taken up by our acolytes in the far flung corners of the T'interweb. May their work be blessed and their dedication recognised by the Lord Ten-inch Himself.

Sisters, I urge you to raise your voices in praise this week of the roseate nasal wear (red nose day) and dig deep in your pockets for those less fortunate than us that do not have the Lord in their lives or sweeping their flues.

Tennant x

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Sister Shagwell said...

We are 1! Nearly as old as the child - does that count???

Over the past 12 months we have toiled away, spreading the word to the great unwashed and those who were daft enough to listen. Our work has taken us to Shakeyland and to Londoom. 2 of the Sisters were even rewarded as our love stood before them and signed sacred words upon the good book of Hammy. The Sisters were glad to hear that our Lord (praise be upon his name and 10") acknowledged to the Sisters that he had seen the banner proclaiming our devotion to him during a standing ovation. Indeed, we have been truly blessed.

What does the 2nd year have in store for the Sisterhood? Will the Lord speak the names of the Sisters during the wearing of Red Nose this Friday? We await our fate.

Now away and pray. If you have any doubts that the Lord is good you must quickly take yourself to the 40" altar and view the vision that is Peter Carlisle.

Tennant x