Saturday, 11 April 2009

Tennant Day

Forgive me Sisters for I have failed in my blogging duties of late. I will punish myself later with a major dose of Casanova followed swiftly by a Secret Smile!

Before that however, today we have been celebrating Tennant day. It started with a vision of breakfast delight, moved through elevenses on the radio and finished with a tea time treat!

Overload of the Lord Ten-inch - may this day go down in history and be celebrated for all time by the wearing of a blue shell suit and Hong Kong Phooey T shirt!

I will leave my sisters to blog further about the Planet of the Dead, as I am sure they will. I, myself enjoyed the romp in the desert but was expecting great things of the deadender and was left less than impressed by her acting ability beside the Lord. Maybe she was overcome by his great presence on the set... or maybe she is only a pretty face and really a pretty crap actress (bionic woman? Second series? that would be a no then!)

We know the Lord's song is ending ... the OOD told us that last year. And whoever doesn't know that the Master is back for the finale has been living on a different planet in the last two weeks... so the *he knocks 4 times* bit wasn't quite so cryptic as it might have been. Come on Ruffle T you can do better than this!! As for *The Waters of Mars*???

The Sisters are all off to Londoom next week - in fact one of our number arrived today and is scoping the joint for us. We shall put up a separate blog about our impending pilgrimage during the week.

Happy Easter Sisters, Acolytes and others dedicated to pervitude

May the Lord sleep with you all!!!

Tennant x

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