Monday, 13 April 2009

Only for the true believers


The Lord of Time *praise be his name and ten-inch* has been snapped in foreign lands getting ready to go to sleep. The Lord sorely tempts the Sisters with this Vision of Pervitude and we may need to take ourselves off to a place of solitude and commune with spatula and plastic sheeting.

I trust that he has a grotty old T shirt on just in case of a Fire Alarm in the middle of the night. I also assume that under that cream duvet he has a lovely pair of red Calvin Klein boxers on. I can just picture them now... *drifts off into X rated day-dream*

Let's hope that the Lord has more things that he wants to commit to video diary whilst lying a-bed either in Cardiff or North London over the coming specials. Next time, a non-T-shirt version would be much appreciated!

Sorry I really must go now.... my bloomers have just self-destructed!

Tennant x


Anonymous said...

Do you wonder if he films from his bed just for our benefit? Perhaps he knows we are watching and gives us little bits of wonderful as rewards for our love and devotion. Oh that he would reward us in person.

Sister Shagwell said...

All Hail the glory that is yellow and worn upon the heavenly frame of the Lord 10".

Our Timelord *praise be upon his name and 10"* has once again chosen to reward the faithful by publishing such visions for the Sisters and Acolytes to worship. Bloomers up and down the land have combusted upon exposure to such lushness. I have spent this last eve confined to my cell with the spatula of contemplation and the plastic sheeting. I shall continue to pray that before we reach the month of May, the Lord will reward us with a vision of chest hair nakedness and stubble.

Now please excuse me as I confine myself once again.

Tennant x

Carole said...

Thought i saw a vision of the holy crotch when the Lord 10" was filming his diary....while walking,panning the ground...perhaps it was my wandering eyes!

Anonymous said...

Help! My bloomers spontaneously combusted getting flair for tomorrow's Holy Day. I am about to pass out from flair of Our Lord overload. OMG Sisters, Acolytes, and fellow worshipers. *biting my lip* He is SO AMAZING! *whimper* I got "naked doctor" flair Sister Berny (not full view though).