Saturday, 2 January 2010

2010 - The Lord moves on...

Dear Sisters, Acolytes and followers

Our (Time)Lord Ten *praise be his name and Tenninch* has finally passed the keys of the rusty Tardis to the toddler and is moving on. We thank him for the years of alien fighting, weekly magazine articles, full size posters and bendy action figures. Life will be different without seeing his face on cakes in Tesco and underpants in Asda, but the Sisters will survive.

We will follow his every step up the ladder towards that immortal accolade that all actors desire - an Oscar and a lifetime acheivement award at the BAFTAs. We will continue to faithfully report his deeds and misdeeds for the entertainment of ourselves and others. News of the Lord may be hard to come by this year as he sojourns in LA trying to conquer Hollyweird, but armed with our T'interweb followers across the Pond I am sure that he will not escape our sight for too long.

Keep the faith in 2010, I have consulted the Oracle and the Lord will returneth to the Sisters' bosoms by the end of this year. Do not believe the members of Her Majesties Gutter Press - they spread lies and misinformation and are in the pay of the Child and her snake of a father.

Normal Blog Service should return on Sunday 10th January - once this Sister has commiserated her birthday with a very large bottle of Baileys.

Tennant 2010 x


anita said...

I'm way over here in Seattle,
Washington USA Sisters and have just had my heart broken into a zillion pieces by The Lord's final scenes.

Not even hearing The Toddler yell my favorite childhood phrase as he crashed to Earth made me smile...

Please keep spreading the good word

anita in seattle

Sister Shagwell said...


I cannot believe that a year has past since we last celebrated the day of your birth. We celebrated in style; an audience with the Lord as moody lil fu*ker, Hammy, in Londoom. We then made the trek to the land of many roundabouts

It was a truly memorable day as the Sisters shopped for bloomers in the vestment shop of Ann Summers. We were not surprised to see that the Lord has his agent's office across the road from the vestment shop.

I shall also mark this day by partaking in a Baileys up in the frozen north and a viewing of Hammy.

Acolyte Mia said...

Sisters, fellow Acolytes, and all followers of the tenninch: while I'm on the "right" coast (and within driving distance of old New York -- would that I could have met the Lord in New New York), on behalf of all of us on this side of the pond we shall do our damnest to ensure his proclivities on our shores do not go unobserved.

Anonymous said...

Will the child go to the NTAs?

Anonymous said...

Yes sisters and not even a west end panto because of course the childs mother is not that important. The child and her child and another (Childs half brother maybe) . Little 'family' outing all very domesticated. Surprising thing is the child remembered she had a child! The sooner the Lord starts mixing in proper acting circles again the better.

Looks like Rex will be going ahead taking the Lord to distant shores

Happy New Year to all

jessie taylor said...

hi sister shagwell and sister chastity.happy new year to you both. i go for another treatment on thursday and am not looking forward to it, it makes me feel like hell and ill indeed but i have to have it i,ve no choice i,ve i. i enjoyed seeing the lord (praise be his name and ten) on tv at christmas i did cry alot with T.E.O.T i still do from time to time. we had snow today which is nice i might not see it again if this thing over takes me. but i promise you i will fight it i,ll keep you all updated if i can i get so tired sisters and it gets me down and am scared.i love this site cos it makes me laugh with your s.o.h and it keeps me going cos i do feel down right to you both..jessie.the sisters rock with the mighty 3 and the kings of rock.take care.xxxx

Anonymous said...

The childs sons friend was a girl so someone wasn't really there me thinks! They looked most happy and I fear that this may be IT for our lord. Oh woe is me. But he is happy so I am too...kinda! Lol. Am very much looking forward to the Rex news tomorrow. Hope you sisters are well and you need to post more...the amount is dwindling and that's not as fun.