Sunday, 10 January 2010

In The Year of our Lord 2010

Dear Sisters, Acolytes and Followers

And so we start another year of the Sisters' blog. A year of uncertainty as to what our Lord *praise be his name and ten-inch* has up his most glorious sleeve and when and where we might see him next; a year of excitement rather than predictability; a year of expectation and anticipation. The Sisters are most looking forward to discovering where the Lord's new found freedom from taking care of the space/time continuum might take him both prefessionally and personally.

The Lord has begun the year by taking this new freedom and using it to preach to the great unwashed via that well-known geek bible *Doctor Who Magazine* The magazine is clearly purchased alongside their top shelf reading matter by some of the journos of Her Majesty's Gutter Press as the more red RedTops jumped on the bandwagon and republished his left of centre thoughts about Gordon being clever and Cameron only looking good in a suit! It was noted by the Sisters that the Holy Book of Sun (who have jumped ship in favour of the Tories) did not mention the Lord's words of wisdom!

The Sisters praise the Lord for his steadfast support of the Labour Party in the face of all those liberal luvvies. We do not condemn him for being a Champagne Socialist - He really can't help liking the pink fizzy stuff that Richard *I don't believe it* Wilson introduced him to at such a tender age. We have learned via the tweeting Thunderer journo that he was at a luvvie party on Friday night and fiercely campaigning on behalf of Gordon et al to all who would stand still long enough to listen to him. The Sisters wonder whether his next role will be Labour Election Campaign Front Man? Will we be seeing him on the 40" altar in this year's election broadcasts as he was in 2005? Let's hope so!

In this in-depth interview with the Lord in the blessed DWM, the Lord also speaketh unto the great unwashed on the T'interweb. He has requested that the hopes of the Child are not raised by those who sing her acting praises simply due to her proximity to the Lord as it's not nice when reality bites. Bless! The Sisters will of course assist the Lord in managing the behaviour of the Child by always telling it like it is. He would expect nothing less of us.

Late breaking news has reached the Sisters just as this post was going print that the cigar chewing executives of the Colonies little NBC channel have now witnessed the Lord's greatness in the Rex pilot and indeed commissioned a full series. So the Lord will shortly be jetting off to LALA land for some lengthy period of time. Time, we hope, that the Lord will put to good use *wink*.

One final call to arms Sisters, acolytes and followers, please do not forget to cast your vote for your Lord at the National Ten-inch Awards  ( We expect to see the Ten-inch up on the stage dressed in a tux receiving the accolades which are long overdue!

Till the next post!

Tennant x


Anonymous said...

Oh, really thank you sister 4 all 'our work and constance. We all lovin our Lord *praise be his name and ten-inch* and suffering 4 the newless on him (sorry, I'm not english..)
by Anonymous on Twitter

Sleepless in Chicago said...

Things DO look promising at NBC...they've realized you have to be half-asleep to truly appreciate Jay Leno or comatose to enjoy Conan.
The bean-counting suits have realized they need a strong lead-in to keep viewers minds alive & attentive enough for the local stations that follow to garner any ratings. I personally would be in such a heightened state of arou-- *ahem* -- attennantiveness after a golden hour spent with our Lord, that my head would combust (along with my knickers).
I shall chant my prayers hourly and light many candles to the peacock in eternal supplication.

Anonymous said...

Sisters can anyone shed light on the interview. Did he mention the child what was said?

Sister Chastity said...

The relevant part of the interview is in this scan
Make up your own mind....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. Pretty obvious someone has been crying on his shoulder.

anita said...

Instead of wasting her time crying on anyone's shoulder perhaps the child should work a smidge more on her craft.

Anonymous said...

The Lord seems to have forgotten that the loved one and her family have sold every bit of their private lives to any rag. Bit late for him to worry about people talking about them. But she has been a bwave soldier by the sounds and not complained. Dear dear Lord stop being a soppy wimp over the child.
The child was supposed to being working on dr who audio (dr who audio how many is it now yawn) and director said the answer phone message on her phone was the Lord. Probably just in case people didnt know they dated

Anonymous said...

NBC has their hands full with the Leno-Conan thing,but they did release a spring programming article, and nowhere on there is Rex...(damn it!) We don't really know if the PTB at NBC even had a chance to watch the pilot ( please correct me if I am wrong) Here is to hoping that it might make the fall season.

Now... will the Lord (praise be his name and his ten-inch)have the time to do "Burke & Hare"? (most of the postings in other areas are saying that maybe the Lord is growing a beard for said movie.. I say he is growing beard because he is taking a break from shaving! Love the beard!)

The wait for Burke & Hare info commences.... :-)


Acolyte McSkinny said...

I'm loving the Lord in all his bearded glory...suffice to say,i could put up with 'stubble rash' kissing thy Lord for many an hour..or day..or night.

Anonymous said...

The unshaven look does indeed suit the Lord. Stubble rash would be a very small price to pay.
Juliet x

anita said...

I must say- that beard does go along with the outfit he wore- they are gonna LUV him in Hollyweird.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. New here. Just visiting to see if I'm suited to life in a religious order. I'm a big perver of the Sainted David and all his attributes however, so I may be, I approved. I've just come from watching on tooby place the vids of the Lord David at the NTC Awards, looking celestially glorious in black velvet, with his magnificent neck unclad, positively inviting the faithful to go in close for a sacrificial nibble. Can I dare hope and pray that Mother Superior will have words of wisdom for us to ponder on?
[Possible Novice] Agatha, Paisely-on-Sea

Sister Chastity said...

Welcome Acolyte Agatha, we hope that you have found a home here for your perving! May you stay as long as you need to cleanse your soul - some souls need more *cleansing* than others *looks at Sister Shagwell*
Take a pew, the sermons come regularly, just like the Lord himself!