Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Passion of the Time Lord

Sisters, Acolytes and followers,

Please forgive the parcity of blog posts as of late. I doubt that I need to remind our fellow followers of pervitudity that we are currently in Lent. Lent is of course the period of the pervitudinal year leading up to that most holy of holydays - Easter, which is previous years has been the traditional time of resurrection of our (Time) Lord *praise be his name and teninch* to the 40" altar.

For those not steeped in the Holy Book of the Ruffle T, the purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer — through prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial — for the annual commemoration during Holy Perving Week of the Death and Resurrection of the (Time)Lord. Thus the Sisters have been in seclusion, knelt in penance before the full size statue of the Lord Himself, cleansing their souls in preparation for the re-birth of the Holy Ten-inch in the form of A Single Father.

Conventionally, Lent is described as being forty days long - the length of time that the Lord endured temptation. Now we know that the Ten-inch can no more resist tempation than Sister Shagwell can resist winding up the kiddies, so in honour of all our followers who are mothers, we have broken our perving preparations to bring you a mothers' day smorgasbord of gorgeousness. If any acolyte has given up perving the Lord for Lent - please look away now!

After that I think we all need a bit of lie down, so go take the weight off your pins and sit down and meditate on the wonderfulness that is David Tennant - Lord of all heaven and earth and God of Pervitude.

Tennant xxxxx


Anonymous said...

Ah what a wonderful blog and what delicious pics. Our lord is returning today bless him. Lots of child fans thrilled because she has said apparently at Gally she is considering relocating to LA. Of course she is the little poppet. Tis only a minor inconvenience taking the kiddie from his home and babysitters, the main thing is she is still able to cling on to her meal ticket - oops sorry boyfriend
Reports from the big apple seem to suggest that the lord may have been securing some work and taking in a show. Probably child went with him maybe stashed in his luggage (we know he doesnt like to overspend)
Well back to ogle the beautiful pictures of the Lord you have kindly posted. Many thanks
Blessings to all the sisterhood
Juliet x

Anonymous said...

The Gally reports I read said she answered 'yes' to the question whether she would like to work in Hollywood one day, which is slightly different from actively planning a move. I don't think she was with him in NY, he was solo at the theatre. He will be in Scotland and Canada the next few months anyway.

Sister Shagwell said...

I think that the child wishes to re-locate to lala land as there is a shortage of actors on the Small World ride in Dinsneyland. I am sure she would find gainful employment in the show.

The Lord is indeed a vision of lushness and I have spent many hours praying to his image and will continue to do so until he graces the 40" altar in his own right.

Tennant x

Anonymous said...

Hello Sisters. Seems our Lord has been spending his Sat afternoon/evening in a public house watching Rugby. Ah to be in said pub wherever in the world it may be. What a treat it would be to see the Lord a wee bit squiffy with alcohol and all dishevelled. Ooh dear got myself all a dither now

Anonymous said...

Rugby?!? But Our Blessed One hath spoken of hith I mean his aversion to all forms of sport, oft and oft. I do believe that only snooker hath escaped his censure, and maybe an afternoon watching a spot of tennis. In fact, it's one of things I love most about him - that he has never embraced all that annoying male posturing and Neanderthal roaring that goes on at sporting events. Where did this sighting occur? Is our Dear One returned to England, or is he still prosletizing for disciples across the water?
Acolyte Agatha, Paisley-on-Sea

Anonymous said...

twitter girl said her dad was in pub called morgans and david tennant was there watching rugby and her dad got his autograph. maybe they had an offer on the childrens menus? chicken nuggets and chips half price for the child.

Novice Hame said...

The podcast of the child's Gally interview is online. This is all she said about LA. "I'm half-American, and half of my family are here in LA, so it does sort of feel like home to me. So every time I come here, the more and more I think, 'yeah I could live here. That'd be all right' I definitely wouldn't rule it out."

Anonymous said...

Can I just say - second last photo?
That is all.
I tried, I really did try, not to comment on the pic's inspirational qualities, in accord with the penitential season we are in. But as a mere mortal and a tragically impressionable female, I fell into idle thoughts.

Acolyte Agatha, in danger of being expelled from the convent at Paisley-on-Sea

Sister Chastity said...

Our dear Acolyte Agatha, how difficult indeed it is to resist the temptation of our Lord even for a mere 40 days. To ensure that you do not get expelled from the order, we expect your penance to include 2 Blackpools, 3 Casanovas and a evening spent in silent contemplation of the Lord in his most evil incarnation - the bad boy Brendan Block. Your soul will then be ready to receive the succour of our Lord Ten-inch once more.

Go in Peace. Tennant.

Anonymous said...

Ah Acolyte Agatha that picture is a wonderous sight to behold. I keep having to have another look . Methinks the Lord knows exactly what effect he has on us.
Juliet x