Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a quiz

Dear Sisters, Acolytes and other wonderful followers

I am full of apology this blog as I have neglectful of my Sisterly duties in duly reporting the comings and goings of the Lord David Tennant *praise be his name and Tenninch*. Long have the comments on the previous blog lain in my inbox, untended and unread by the masses and much do I regret disappointing the Lord's followers in this way.

I only have one thing to blame and that is the devil inspired unholy alliance of David (C not T) and Nick in the fair city of Londoom. The pain and strife that this dastardly duo have wreaked amongst the Sisterhood over the last few months has been most dreadful and has caused the Sisters to fall from the path of Virtue and Grace that leads to our Lord's Pearly Gates at the end of Crouch. However, the fate of this Sister has now been sealed and she will cease to be a servant of the people and become one of the great unwashed in the job centre as of the last day of the third month in the year of our Lord two thousand and twelve. Mark the day well, fellow Pervitudes as I will have much time on my idle hands with which to cause mischief and merriment a-plenty.

That time is not upon us though and we must continue with business as usual. This week, this involves a traditional Christmas Quiz - you know the sort of thing 12 D of C; WWYAMC; Gone off in a stable receptacle etc. The answers are all related to works of our Lord (naturellement):

1: Life in a Northern Town
2: She is Hot
3: Progeny of a General Practitioner
4: Lone Parent
5: Wordsmith's Cypher
6: Hidden Grin
7: Self help book for Herpists
8: Journey to Hell
9: Shh Books in here
10: Students not Teachers

These are just for fun... the only prize is your own smugness at getting them all! I will not post comments with any answers in for 7 days!



Acolyte Martha said...

1. Blackpool.
2. The Girl in the Fireplace
3. The Doctor's Daughter (eww)
4. Single Father.
5. The Shakespeare Code
6. Secret Smile.
7. How To Train Your Dragon.
8. Voyage of the Damned
9. Silence in the Library
10. Learners

kw said...

Sorry to hear about your job - the public sector is taking a hammering, my job is under review too. Need to see more political campaigning from our Lord *praise be his name and Tenninch*. If nothing else it will give us some pleasantly diverting thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas to all the Sisters.

Juliet x