Saturday, 25 December 2010

Here lies a witty Christmas Blog Post - RIP

There would have been a witty Christmas day blogpost here except that Blogger decided to crash and dump the whole thing as it was being posted.

So you will have to make do with this pic.

Happy Xmas - NOT!


Anonymous said...

What a shame after all your work too. Thank you for all the hilarious blogs throughout 2010 and heres to many more next year
Juliet xx

laura sibley said...

i was muchly disappointed as i enjoy this blog...happy holidays! i look forward to another year of blogging from the sisters! mwa!

Anonymous said...

Alas! I, too, was the victim of Blog-Be-Gone. I found it spirited away to the far reaches the "Draft" section. I know not how it came to be so for I too was attempting to post it when the menace struck. Here's hoping your entry met with the same fate and it now resides in "Draft" land. I do hope so! I, like Juliet before me, love your quick wit and turn of phrase. May you be no more visited by Blog-Be-Gone in the coming year.

Acolyte Bobbi from The Lone Star