Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Happy Birthday SOP

Here is a selection of the best perving images we have used over the last 3 years.



Sister Shagwell said...

Sister, you do indeed spoil us with visions of stubbly goodness.

I have studied the divine visions bestowed upon our humble site and have concluded that the Lord was at his best during these times in his career. Today sees him not as "happy" as the Sisters know he can be.

However, as this is a time for celebration of the holy visions of the Lord and the 10", and the sermons from SoP I shall celebrate his greatness amongst the great unwashed and raise a glass of Irn Bru in praise.


Fortisgreen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! you ladies are an inspiration and a source of many a day's (perving) reading.

Thank you for al that you do!

Fortisgreen said...

Happy birthday and many more!

Thank for the hours of entertaining (perving) reading and all that you do.

Helen said...



Some of these make me want to do very, VERY bad things!

zaphod said...

Does the Lord have a penchant for polka dot shirts or do we thnk that may be the same one again & again? If so, it's been around a l-o-o-o-ng time!

Sister Shagwell said...

Zaphod, Sister C has come over all unnecessary on many occasion when the Lord *priase be his name and 10"* drapes the sacred spotty acorss his much worshipped and adored (by thousands) body.

Said spotty has indeed been "around" for some time - mainly upon the floor in Sister C's room and usually minus the odd button, or three. We are currently investigating how the Lord managed to liberate said item of sacred clothing from this high security fortress without our dear Sister knowning. (She can normally smell his greatness in the next county.

The Sisters can confirm that the Lord is not too eager to part with his hard earned cash and will actually wear clothes more than once; a thing that is not considered to be the norm in showbiz/luvvie/s'leb land.

Polite word of warning: Do not approach Sister C if she has said item of sacred clothing to hand. Attempts to remove this item from my lovely Sister will result in pain of death many times over.


littlesister said...

Good afternoon sisters ( and others )...

just seen these tweets/links over on twitter, concerning The Lord and Fright Night ... thought I would pass them on (the second link contains SPOILERS though )



amcd2501 said...

SOP's b'day! Wahay!! A milestone in the mindful appreciation of a beautiful and talented man. Sometimes, to those who are sensitive to these things, he doth have the appearance and bearing of a god. Sometimes he's god-like. Sometimes he doth touch the earth as a mere man. But DT, all hale the Glorious Teninch, is never less then authentic, in whatever guise he sees fit to manifest.

Clad in heavenly raimnent of tight trews, logo'd tee, hail-spot shirt and Chucks, he strides among us, mostly too far off to touch the sacred hem of his Paul Smith jeans, and we must perforce bow down in rightful worship.

Sisters, you have done great service in the cause of perving [which is but a more earthly, less precious, term for 'appreciating all the goodness thereof'] and may a mere Acolyte wish you joy of the present occasion!

Acolyte Agatha, Paisley-on-Sea

Helen said...

I feel moved to wish the Lord a happy natal day! May it be all he richly deserves.