Friday, 4 November 2011

shhhh Look what escaped this week!!!


It seems some rare footage emerged this week from the midsts of time when once the Lord was indeed a Lord of Time not just Pervitude. This footage it seems was secreted under Jennie Fava's bed in West London and during a recent clear out, she put it in a bin where it was discovered by a fan and posted to the epitome of all viral videos, Ur Tubes R Us. 

As you can see from the following screencaps, some of the storylines depicted were perhaps too "adult" for early Saturday night viewing on Auntie Beeb. All that smoking and bed-hopping would clearly have set a poor example! I just feel it is a shame that these images never made it to the DVD extras, not even as an Easter Egg!!


Helen said...

This is a fab video - I'm so glad someone leaked it! :)

DT does have a lovely voice - even when he's messing about.

I love that song anyway, so it was a double treat!

Helen said...

Hi Sisters!

Sorry, I know this isn't to do with this story, but I just died with the cuteness of this pic!

Helen said...

OK I've done it again - it's not relevant to this story, but it's a goodie.

Our hotty totty Scotty has done it again!

It's not the cutest pic I've ever seen of him but it's cute, and it shows off his eyes beautifully. It's the one that appeared on the front of the Weekend Guardian supplement a while back.

IMHO he doesn't have much competition in this exhibition - the best (apart from DT) is Karen Gillan, which is a bit ironic.