Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Tennantmas to one and all (except Shippers)

Dear All

This will be the final post for the Sisters of Pervitude. Life and the T'interweb have moved on and this blog can no longer keep up with the information and comment that is delivered almost instantaneously on Social Media such as Twitter/Tumblr etc.

I have decided therefore to finish with my guilt of not posting and suggest that those of you who like our writing style, the fact that we are prepared to say the unsayable and question the sanity of our Lord of Pervitude at times follow us on Twitter @sisterchastity and @sistershagwell

I leave you with thanks for making a Blog that started as a dare into something that made (a few) people smile and upset a lot of shippers (Whoo Hoo!!) :) Thank you for all your contributions and in the bastardised words of Sir Bruce Forsythe "KEEP PERVING"!!!




Diane said...

WOW - Sadness is in my heart - where ever will I lurk now! I, for one, am glad to say I have enjoyed every word and piccie. May the ten-inch always be with you and the spirit of the Lord of Time watch over you always. So glad I picked today to confess my sins to you on Twitter - Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

Amberleigh said...


THIS, on the heels of the wretched wedding news.

I think I shall retreat to my chamber where I will hide under the covers and eat things from a sack, perhaps emerging to view eternal reruns of the beloved Lord via the many captured (all hail, DVD!) glorious performances he has rendered for posterity.

The Future seems bleak, indeed.