Monday, 31 March 2008

Monday Matins

Greetings Sisters! Oh how we worshipped the (Time)Lord 10" this weekend and were spoiled by the miraculous pics of our (Time)Lord in his fetching grey undercrackers on the FNP.

But Hallelujua!! This 'coming' *ahem* weekend promises to provide the Sisters of Pervitude with more holy and blessed visions of our (Time)Lord - Praise be!!! This Friday he shallt appear on the Wossy show and we shall perform our Friday thudfest, ahem, I mean worship in front of our telly screens! And then on Saturday - our beloved returns to our screens in DW!!

Need we ask for more Sisters? I think not - however, I shall spend the coming evenings in prayer that Wossy shall ask our (Time)Lord to flash those holy relics at us again! I ask us all to spend some time in contemplation of the 10" bulging out of those undercrackers over the next few days and then hope our prayers are answered come Fridays worship.

Praise be to the 10"


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Sister Chastity said...

Ah Sisters,

I post speedily upon my return to the sacred house from pastures eastern. I did worship the (Time) Lord *praise be* in the grey undercrackers on Friday and now i have been reunited with the blessed broadband i can take some time in full contemplation of the true greatest of our Lord on FNP.

I feel i must do penance for my time away from the sacred home by creating some animated icons and signatures to aid our worship. I will also endeavour to find time for further ficcing and worshipful video making.

Until Tuesday.....

The (Time)Lord be with you
The (Time)Lord be in you