Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Ah Sisters.....the countdown to ComeAgain-don has arrived! Praise be to the 10"! Only 2 more days til our (Time)Lord appears on Wossy - hopefully to flash his undercrackers at us again - and then the following day he graces our screens in DW. This series looks quite exciting - and by the sounds of things even we - the Sisters of Pervitude make an appearance! For in the 2nd eppy - our (Time)Lord and his companion (jammy bitch) visit Pompeii where they meet a sisterhood (with an albeit evil High Priestess).

We shall worship on this night with the communal wine and do penance of many lashes with the sonic in apologetic subservance to our (Time)Lord for the behaviour of the sisters in the Pompeii sect.

May the 10" be with you


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