Friday, 2 May 2008

The Lord giveth great gifts


I feel the time has come to celebrate some of our Lord's great works.

The following extract from one of his recent sermons certainly fires my passion and desire for our Lord's mind, body and soul (but not necessarily in that order)

I recommend not wearing any bloomers to watch the following to save the environment and possibly you may need to have your Sonic or, (if you are lucky enough to own one) laser to hand. Even better would be to have the 10" to minister to your needs when you have watched the following!!!

Tennant sisters xxx


Ann said...

OMG!! that was just..i am so hot now! what movie was that from? and can you provide a link to the original. thks so much/ :)

Sister Chastity said...


This clip is from Love in the 21st Century which were a series of short dramas from Channel 4 in the UK. David was in one episode when he played a Doctor working in A&E.

It is, as far as i know, only availble to download from Channel 4on demand (and then only if you live in the UK)

Hope this helps...