Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Dark Prince

Dear Sisters,

Novice Strumpet has completed her first task and diligently gathered new visions of our Lord in his Princely role from the Right Shagging Company's website. I must add my deep adoration of these pics to the general acclaim with which they have been received within the Gutter and on T'other Site. I particular love the one where his 'Halo', sorry, his Crown has slipped!

In other news, yesterday I observed the new flick The Dark Knight for almost 3 hours. High body count, rubber suit with wings and the trashing of a beautiful Lamborghini aside, it wasn't a bad film actually! I understand that the casting for the next installment is going on at the moment. I feel an email to the casting director with a picture of the Lad as the troubled Prince might sway them in his favour. Who better to play a rich playboy with a bevy of beauties at his beck and call and who has a tortured Dark Side which manifests itself in a fondness for dressing in rubber suits, driving fast cars and chasing bad guys across the rooftops?

I propose of course that the Sisters play the Bevy of Beauties! I think we could spare David for a few months to Hollywood in return for 3 hours of his arse in that suit on a big screen!
I leave you to ponder this possibility.

Tennant sisters x

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