Wednesday, 24 September 2008

An Epiphany - Again!

Dearest Sisters,

For the past week I have confined myself to the Gutter Cupboard with numerous spatulas, punishing myself (gladly) for lewd and depraved thoughts about our Lord 10"'s bum. It is indeed a sight to behold and I felt I had to place a picture of said bum up here to remind myself of the naughty disgusting thoughts I have been having.

On another note, I have been extremely giddy and excitable of late due to the proximity of our pilgrimage to Stratford to worship our Lord as he threads the boards only feet away from us. Our Spiritual Retreat is now only 5wks, 2days away! As a result of this proximity, I was discussing our gathering on All Hallow's eve with Sister Shagwell. As our imaginings got the better of us regarding the Sisterhood worshipping at the hallowed ground known as the Stage Door, it came to me - an Epiphany!! Sisters, a new fic has formed in my depraved and filthy mind.

I shall post this fic in our hallowed Gutter as soon as may be possible. And I shall also edit said fic for publishing here on the blog - I feel it deserves to be placed before the 40" altar as it was the Sisterhood that inspired me!

Stay tuned for further revelations.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ooooh. I'll say. That bum is so near of thy heavenly loins... So tight and fitted, that suit! It sends shivers up my spine, that bum. That suit is soo very fitting for his fitness... His facial expression seems to indicate an exuberance-ness of said fit bum.