Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Sister can be cultured!

Sisters, Novices, Acolyates and other sundry followers

As the only Sister left to Blog this week, I feel it my duty to write something profane – I mean profound – about our Time Lord and our imminent pilgrimage to ShakeyLand.

My thoughts have been directed this week very much towards our Lord and his heritage as a “Shakespearean Actor”. The above image of the Lord as Romeo (*thanks to Sister S*) set the scene with some dark and disturbing day dreams involving tongues, hands and the 10”, thinly clad in white cotton, pressing against my nether regions.

This has been swiftly followed by a video clip from the Lord as Angelo in Measure for Measure pressing an unwanted suit upon a poor unsuspecting maiden in a garden.

His very masterful overpowering of the said maiden aroused wet bloomer making feelings amongst all the Sisters who had a collective intake of breath! Bad, bad David = hot, hot David *panting*

The upshot of all this Shakespeare is that I have accepted a challenge from Sister Bernie to write a Fic featuring the Lord based on the plot of Romeo and Juliet. *watch this space*

In conclusion, I have received a missive from Sister S from Hamburger a-go-go land. She is well, its 104o, and she has seen lots of Toymota Penises, though, Alas! None driven by the Lord himself of course!

We pray for her perverted soul as she worships the wise and mighty Baz in the sinful city of Las Vegas.

Tennant xxx

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