Monday, 22 September 2008

Farewell dear sisters...


Tomorrow I depart these shores, destination Hamburger a go-go land to preach the word of our beloved and to call in on the God Damn Living Legend who is preaching to the great unwashed upon the stage at the Hilton, Las Vegas.

While I am away please pray for our Lord to keep him safe and to stop his wandering eye, hands, person..... Sister Septic foretells that our beloved is getting restless, and is looking for something new. I am praying that she is once again right and upon my return the "phone call" will have been made, however on this occasion I think it is more appropriate that a crayon drawing in bright colours is despatched to the child minder in Londoom. I am sure our Lord will save a small fortune in child minding fees.

The recent visions of our love have shown him to be in excellent health and have provided many hours of devotion for the sisterhood. Indeed the Novice is beside herself at the Lord's curtains. We pray for her soul and that come November our love will be wearing the spotty as a reward to Sister Chastity for all her perverted thoughts . We know how much this will mean to her and have alerted the emergency authorities to man the lifeboats.

Until my return, pray for me and my warped soul.

Tennant xx


Mia said...

Dearest Sister Shagwell -- faretheewell on thy journey to the land where everything stays. To all the pervy Sisterhood: I have only discovered the existence of your holy temple and wish to inquire as to the means and methods of becoming a part of your flock as we worship our (Time)Lord in all his radiant glory. To have found a magical pool of Sisters who worship at the 40" alter is more than I could have prayed for (other than, of course, to honor the 10" as he should be). I will await your honored reply with the appropriate humility as befits a novice.

Sister Chastity said...


On behalf of all the Sisters and Sister Shagwell in particular, may we thank thee for thy well wishes
to the Sister on her journey across the pond.

On the subject of joining the Sisterhood, we have bad tidings I am afraid. Alas the Sisterhood is a closed order and limited to the three Sisters and Novice Strumpet. We are starting to gather followers, however - Acolytes of Pervitudeness and you are most welcome to join their swelling ranks. The only criteria is that you worship the (Time) Lord in all his glory, forsaking any others (including the music of the Devil in the form of boy bands) for time immemorial.

Welcome Acolyte Mia.

Tennant x

Sister Burnaholeinmyknickers said...

Welcome acolyte Mia! It is indeed a great joy to the Sisterhood to have such worthy followers of our cause - ie to worship the great lord 10" . Please continue to visit us and comment on our depraved musings at the 40" altar.