Sunday, 28 September 2008

Holy Jihad to my Broadband Provider!!!

This Sister is NOT happy. I have returned, yet again, from the wilderness that is broadband hell. We must declare holy jihad Sisters, on the crappy,shite, brutal provider that is vodafone (grrrrrr).

For more days than I wish to look back upon, this Sister was forced to withdraw to Tennant-land to think happy thoughts about our lord 10" (not that this in itself is a bad thing), rather than gaze upon the many gorgeous images to be found on the t'interweb! It is unthinkable that a Sister should be kept from her holy works due to the bastarding, shite and pisspoor quality of the morons at vodafone.

Aaaaahhhhh. I have finished my rantings; and thanks to a miracle of technology (and a major rant at the moron in vodafone) I find myself back online to perve like a good SOP should. And to cheer myself up - I trust that you will not be put out by this - I have included one of my all time favourite pictures of our lord and master. Please feel free to drool.

Tennant x


Sister Chastity said...

Ah Sister

I feel for your loss. I cannot even begin to comtemplate how I would survive without the T'interweb and the visions of the Lord that he bestows upon us from the Door that leads to the Thrust Stage in Shakeyland.

I feel that you should be rewarded somehow for your dedication and persistance in Perving the Lad even in the face of such severe deprivation.

I therefore pray that the Lord ditches the grey A&F hoodie for something more becoming in November and graces us with his presence and 10" on All Hallows Eve.

Tennant x

Sister Shagwell said...

Dear Sister

How I have felt your pain these past few weeks. I am sure that you have used your time wisely contemplating the wonder that is 10", along with various uses of a spatula.

I have returned from Hamburger a-go-go land where visons of our Lord have been few. A member of the indigenous population did pass comment upon spying a vision of our beloved on the instrument of idle gossip and said my guy was "cute". I nodded politely as she was correct, although I can think of numerous other descriptions that are more suited to describing the Lord of Time. (aka Trainee Sex God) None of them are suitable for sharing with the great unwashed!

I see that our beloved has been shopping at A&F and is now the proud owner of a number of new hooded robes. I believe that Sister C has taken issue over the wearing of the grey robe. I personally like this choice but should the Lord see fit to actually grant an audience with the Sisterhood on All Hallows Eve I would prefer that he come amongst us wearing stubble and the navy robe. Spotty shirt can be an optional extra providing Sister C actually gives it back in time.

Our time draws closer. Let us gather before the 40" altar and perve!

Tennant x