Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Love's Labours Lost


The first images have emerged from the depths of the Right Shagging Company of our Lord rehearsing for his *part* in LLL.

Notice Bellino in the back of one of these pics.

The third pic makes me *wibble* Oh the stubble, Sister Shagwell... the stubble.

Tennant x


Sister Shagwell said...

Sister, I have seen the visions you have bestowed upon my hungry eyes and I am indeed in a state of hyperventilation at the sight of stubble upon our Lord of Time.

I have to confess that all thought processes have turned to utter depravity. The mere thought of said stubble running along my inner thigh has resulted in numerous changes of bloomers and many loads of washing. Our beloved is surely responsible for womankind globally warming the earth when they see such glory and here him speak such holy words as "Count-ry matters".

I shall retire to my cell with many spatulas to contemplate my lustful thoughts.

Bless you Sister C. My the Lord of Time reward you with the spotty.

Sister Burnaholeinmyknickers said...

Oh Sister!!! I bow my head to your visions of our Lord! (I also collapse in a heap on the floor)

Please grace us with further pics of our Lord in verrrryyyyyy tight tights if you come across them in your daily worship. (And be sure to stock up on spatulas)

Tennant x

Acolyte Mia said...

Gracious Sisters Chastity, Shagwell, and Burnaholeinmyknickers: As you all have already paid righteous homage to our Lord, might I call your attention back to the first image of his grace and the exquisite length of those fingers which gives me great chills in all the right places. The idea of His hand most welcome to stroke me at midnight (or any Time...) As I prepare for my own journey across the pond to the land of Stratford to worship the 10" on the boards for two (!)consecutive nights, I shall carry the images of our beloved with me and attempt to not spot the plane seat...too terribly at least.

Anonymous said...

Thy stubble may be wondrous, but the sideburns! Oh no! They have been shaved! Hast our Lord forsaken us? Nay, tis for the part, but still!