Monday, 10 November 2008

Prepare for new Visions of the Lord


November is indeed a blessed month. The Lord will grace the 40" altar on two separate occasions within the next two weeks. Spatulas at the ready sisters.

On 14 November we will be treated to a whole 2 mins of as yet unseen footage of two Davids galvanting around a well known West Country cathedral city with white flaky stuff clinging to their sonics. *The Next Doctor* as RTD has skillfully named this eppy will be trailed on the programme for needy children. It also stars the Irish bint from Ballykissangel who is married to that rather nice looking RP-J (aka Grimani). I feel obliged to ask *Is there anyone David hasn't worked with* and *when is it the Sisters turn*?

No sooner have we worshipped the (time) Lord *praise be his name and 10"* on Friday then on Saturday 22nd November he once more graces the 40" altar in the guise of Arthur Stanley Eddington - a gay scientist. Well whatever turns you on! Friends with Albert Einstein and living with his glamourous sister and wearing very british suits and little round glasses, this does nto promise much in the way of 10" action on screen for the sisters. However, the Lord does make cricket seems a way more interesting game that I ever thought possible!

So sisters, it is with a lighter heart that I blog today. Shakeyland and the Thrust Stage may have come and gone, but we have new visions to look forward to between now and Santa's Day.

Raise up thy voices in song Sisters!

Tennant x

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Acolyte Mia said...

I lift mine eyes up to the (time) Lord and take in all his glory(ous 10"). Having pre-ordered my DVD of E&E (presuming it'll never make it across the pond despite BBC America), I await, spatual at the ready, for its arrival next month. Thank you, Sister Chastity, for these lates images of the lad...