Thursday, 27 November 2008

He returns to his f***k (that's F L O C K!)

*Time*Lord forgive me. It has been 17 days since my last blog.


I have been seriously delinquent in my duties to the Sisterhood of late. I must confess that I have had other matters on my mind and for that I am truly sorry. That said, I come to the blog bearing good tidings of great joy to the unwashed of the T'interweb.

Over the coming mid-winter festive period a great star will descend from the heavens and come to rest over the 40" altar. This Star will herald the presentation of a Man to light up our living rooms at this Christmas time. This Man will be an Actor of great repute, a wise man whose utterances upon the great stages of ShakeyLand and the West End of Londoom have been greeted by tidal waves of appreciation by females in the audience. A Man for whom the words *credit crunch* mean a smaller BBC payroll from amongst whom he chooses his daily *prayer* companion. A Man who thinks nothing of appearing in public looking like a hack with a bad crack habit (see above).

Yes Sisters, rejoice for this Man is no other than the Lord himself made flesh on this earth. He shall appear before us on Christmas day, and at other sundry times over the holiday season, when we most need his love and ten-inch to give us sustenance to continue being nice to the 'rents and the rest of the clan that we only see once a year!

Sing Hallelujah Sisters - The Lord returneth!!!


Sister Shagwell said...

Sister, we have all been derilict in our duty to our love of late. I will confine myself to many hours of devoted worship at the 40" altar in pennance of my sins. I shall watch 40 Blackpools and 10 Casanovas. Once I have done that I shall divert mine eyes to look for many hours at visions.

I need to confess that I am concerned at the rather "distressed" state of dress our Love attired himself on Monday eve. I am sure that Piers Morgan never looked this bad when he was editing gutter press papers.

WHY? I need to question the choice of overcoat....WTF is that about???? And the vision of our Lord at close quarters with A N Other actorly type..... was it some sort of 10" measuring contest and was that why our beloved looked so smug cos he know he was the winner??? However, it was nice to see that the Lord had chosen to attend the gathering with an adult. I am sure that not having to speak "Child" was a pleasure.

Please excuse me while I attend to my pennance. Until the weekend...

Tennant x

Acolyte Mia said...


On behalf of the acolytes, we welcome you back to the T'interweb. We were starting to worry (or be jealous) that you were lost somewhere between Shakeyland and home...praise be your return and the 10".