Friday, 28 November 2008

Why are Blog posts like the 207 bus?

... Coz you wait ages for one and then three come all at once!

I have been working in the Nunnery today rather than out and about with the Care in Community folk. As part of my labours, I have gathered together some of the recent visions of our Lord as have appeared on the T'interweb and worked my picture editing magic on them so that we can worship them over and over again this coming end of week.

I must also confess that recently the (time) Lord *praise be his name and 10"* came unto me in my dreams and told me that I must leave my current flock and move to the Local Authority of the Dolphin as their needs were great. He told me I would be required to be a-preaching and a-praying for their souls and that only in His Magnificance would they be saved. Obviously I heeded his words and am now packing my Hammy posters, DW calendar and precious visions of Stubble to take to these needy people as soon as possible. They will indeed by saved!!!

So sisters, as another week of weary toil has passed and we look forward to our weekend of Pervitude and communal wine, I give a toast to the 10". May he foreswear the company of Children and forever take his pleasure at the feet of the Sisters!

Tennant Sisters x

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Sister Shagwell said...

Amen to that dear sister!

Indeed this week has been a labour of lust upon the eyes. First our Lord *praise be upon his name and 10"* was featured in a broadsheet of repute. The visions did prompt the sisterhood to seek out their spatulas and feast with their eyes. Then we had a sermon from science on Saturday eve. Monday our beloved was spotted mingling with luvviedom, pressing the flesh and other bodily parts at Convent Garden. Mistress Weir was keeping an eye on events and ensuring that our beloved did not wander over to the creche.

And if that wasn't enough further visions were unveiled upon a hill where our Lord had gathered amongst yards of material to bestow his greatness to a small number of people wearing clothes from days gone by.

Be still my dizzy heart, but no! Even more new visions from those strange radio peeps then appeared from wence our Lord had called in to preach the good word. Oh such love!

All this and no minors in tow. Life is sweet, dear sisters.

Tennant x