Friday, 2 January 2009

Novice Strumpet becomes Sister Toblerone...

I would like to say thanks to my fellow sisters for finally promoting me to full sisterhood. I will perve and worship the 10" and make you proud.



Sister Chastity said...

Novice Strumpet, you have finally graduated to the rank of Sister and taken a new name which we know has a special significance to the Lord. Congratulations!

Please remember that you are on probation and your habit will be removed again should you slip back into your old ways of worshipping the devil in the form of the Loife boys or riding in his chariot!

May 2009 bring you much perving and wet bloomerage as the youngest of the Sisters!

Tennant Sister T xxx

Acolyte Mia said...

Sister Toblerone,

Not to speak for all the acolytes, but I'd like to extend both my congratulations and best wishes...we all are most pleased that another has completed the novitiate. Know that we are here to keep you from any backtracking in your worship of the Lord (we've got your back, as it were).

Back to my new region-free DVD player and E&E which just arrived...

Tennant x