Sunday, 15 March 2009

Hallelujah for The Arse!!!

Oh my days, Sisters and Acolytes! Never before have I witnessed such sheer beauty as I did briefly last night! The Lad wiggling his derriere for all the world (and sisterhood) to see. I need to lie down. Preferably with The Lord on top of me. I wonder if this can be arranged...


Tennant x


Sister Toblerone said...

By the way ignore Devilina... silly bint.

Sister Chastity said...


I see you have been spreading your wild longing for the Lord's arse all around T'interweb. I think that this day of rest you need to meditate in front of the 40" altar with hot cup of tea, a couple of aspirin for the headache, and a nice long view of Blackpool.

I will look in on you later to ensure that your blood pressure has returned to normal!

The Lord should be ashamed, reducing the Sisters to gibbering *ARSE* and drooling over our laptops.

My thoughts are with you Sister.

Tennant x

Delicate One said...

I think I too have been overcome by his blatant arse wiggling.

However, I do have a long standing obsession with his rear bumper and thighs so this really was just something that tipped me over the edge, especially seeing it in all it's glory live on the night. I have blogged a quick report on the glorious night should anyone wish to partake.