Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Who's not a happy bunny?

Sisters and Acolytes

Sunday last, the Sisters gathered at the 40" altar patiently awaiting new holy visions and wise words from the Lord 10" (Praise be upon his name and 10"). Sitting with spatula in hand it was not long before the Sisterhood were rewarded with the sight of the holy velvet and sacred stubble. Across the land many pairs of bloomers combusted at such visions before their eyes.

The Lord seemed to be in jovial mood, and sat beside him was a wee child who had been given a treat and allowed to wear her Sunday best dress to the party and sit with the grown ups. She was very good as the people running the event gave her a colouring book and some crayons to keep her quiet. Many awards were bestowed upon the plastic people of tellyland, who accepted graciously and thanked all their luvvie friends for being luvvies. All was well until our loves efforts were nominated and looked over for super luvvie, Kenny the Bragga and his Van der Valk rip off. (BOOOOOOOOO!) How very dare they!!! Nomination 2 came and the Sisters clutched onto their sonics and offered prayers of pervedom to the universe that our beloved would triumph; No such luck, again our Lord's efforts were overlooked for some drama about a girl and her relationship with a scarf upon her head. The Sisters were disgusted with the powers that be and immediately declared unholy Jihad upon them.

Just as the could take no more a big surpirse arrived and our Lord came out to present an award to Ms T for being an all round good egg. Standing before the great unwashed of luvviedom our Love addressed the nation. The sight of stubble was too much in one night and I must confess to having to punish myself many times for such naughty thoughts.

The evening ended and then the members of her majesty's gutter press paps came out to play. Reports the next day claim our Lord was none too pleased at the end result and faces were pulled. The Sisters have their own take on events post awards. These include the child was over tired and needed to be taken home early as it was play school in the morning. Tantrums were had because she wasn't allowed to walk down the red carpet. Someone had crayoned on the wall....

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Sister Chastity said...

Unholy jihad indeed upon the telly-luvvies. How dare they ignore our Lord's talent in favour of lesser mortals. I notice even some of the press have joined the Jihad, declaring that ratings should be taken into account for the BAFTAs. Hear Hear!

I have some interesting evidence of the after awards *discussion* between Lord and Child. As I cannae post them in a comment, I will be forced also to post a blog entry. Such a hardship is mine to endure.

I am still doing penance for my disgraceful thoughts on the Sabbath. I think I may need some new spatulas!!

Tennant x

Carole said...

Please Sister can you ditect me to your blog..i to.have read on t'winterweb of the spat would like to know more *shame on thyself* thinks the Lord *praise to his name*,is afronted to be seen on the Land 'out there' with a Little Child...just saying what i see..*shames thyself again*

Sister Chastity said...

I will be blogging on here this very eve and do promise to all faithful followers that pics of the Lord and Child will accompany said diatribe!!