Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Lord bestows great gifts

Sisters and Acolytes

*Praise be to the Lord and his Ten-inch*. Instead of sitting around drawing his dole money since leaving the set of DW last week, it seems the Lord has found gainful employment already (take note Child!!!)

This week has seen a flurry of Google News alerts for the Lord fill the Sisters' inboxes.

Firstly we had news that the Lord's vocal talents were going to be used once more in a cartoon version of the Doctor (to keep the wee kidlets happy). We ignored the fact that the Child had thrown a temper tantrum in order to be given the part of Cassie Rice.

We were then treated to news that the Lord *praise be his name and ten-inch* was to *guest star* in a two part SJA adventure in the Autumn. So more fun for the kidlets.... when was the Lord going to take the Sisters' request for 18+ rated work seriously?

The move towards such work was nearer on Thursday night when it was revealed via little feathered tweety things that the Lord was in the BBC studios in a red velvet jacket trimmed with holly. It seems Xmas comes twice a year for auntie beeb! The Lord was recording on Sir Stephen Fry's quite magnificent game show QI. It seems out Lord wasn't averse to making some smutty comments such as:

SF: It starts with the human scrotum
DT: Doesn't everything

I do hope not too much of his smut ends up on the cutting room floor.

Finally, the news we have all been praying for came on Friday and the T'interweb went into meltdown. The BBC and RSC to film Hamlet with the whole Stratford ensemble on location. To be shown on BBC2 later this year (aka xmas) and DVD available after air date. The Sisters are rejoicing... memories of our Stratford weekend are surfacing from the depths of our minds. What was it again that I shouted at the Stage Door when the Lord didn't come out???

We are imagining the barefoot tux; the red T-shirt with midriff showing, the tighty whity fencing jacket; the tied to a chair *wheeeeeeeeee*; the "cunt - try matters" quote (oh wouldn't that be a fantastic ring tone!!!!)

It is now the weekend and this Sister needs to take stock of the weeks events ... in a darkened room with Casanova and a spatula!
Tennant x

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Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I want to know if the Hamlet filming will allow for camera shots angled down his trousers to the pants (as I had the pleasure of gazing) or to the lack of pants (as two friends had the pleasure of when attending the London run...)

Is that the sound of *thud* I hear?