Sunday, 12 July 2009

And this week's news...

Sisters and Acolytes

What a week it has been for the Sisters of Pervitude.

Following the excitement of seeing the Lord *Praise be His name and Tenninch* watching the bat 'n' ball in SW19 last week and the news that he will spend the next 8 weeks playing with his favourite toys in Ealing filmland, it has been another week of revelations.

Acolytes have been ferreting away on the T'interweb and report that the Lord was afloat last Sabbath, blessing the poor of Twickenham from the back of the 5th Time Lord's floating Gin Palace. We have also heard via the Child's book of face that the Lord spent Friday night in front of the 40" altar watching his mate John kill his own grandson to save the world (killing there's a thought, Lord).

So the excitement of Torchwood over, imagine the Sisters' delight when the Holy Book of Sun chose to expose the Lord all over the T'interweb. Not only had the Sun managed to acquire a picture of the Lord on his way to the hairdressers for a colouring session, they also published exactly how much of the licence fee that we pay to Auntie Beeb, the Lord has used to purchase his new love-pad. Apparantly it has enough bedrooms for all of us to stay over and an attic room for the *elf*. As we have paid for it, I feel it is only fair that we get fair usage rights. So I am planning a long weekend in North London next week, there may not be a blog!

So that's about it for now. T'is the last week of school for the Child and her sprog. We will keep our eyes peeled around the T'interweb for news of any days out at Theme parks, making sandcastles on the beach or climate changing foreign holidays! Of course, Comic Con is coming up - the big question will be Who goes with the Lord to San Diego!

Tennant x


Carole said...

Another 1st class blog my Sister...i've been a good Acolyte...*wink*..only disheartning to know that he spent his Torchwood time with the *elf*

Sarah said...

grey hair, ok.. but, is it me or has something weird happened to the Holy Eyebrows too ????? =|